Subscription and Membership Tracker

The following century is all about technology and its amazing products which have not only made lives easier but have also impacted the quality of life. It keeps on giving new products each day and raising the bar. In addition to the medical field, the entertainment industry has derived a lot from advancing technology and has used it to keep people entertained.

Businesses have evolved which provide exceptional services and products to enhance their customers. Most of these services are subscription-based therefore, it is important to subscribe to these businesses to enjoy their products as soon as they are launched.

Subscription and membership are usually similar terms used for different things and places. Subscription refers to the process of prioritizing any business at the expense of recurring fees to enjoy its products and services as soon as they launch. Subscriptions can be for various magazines, newspapers, online drama channels, movie websites, etc. Membership is known as the process of becoming a member of a club like a book club, spa places, various elite societies, etc.

Subscription and membership trackers refer to the tool that tracks all the subscriptions and memberships that are maintained by an individual. These trackers are also valuable for businesses, that provide multiple products, to keep track of their subscribers and members. Individuals use it to keep track of all their subscriptions and help them to know what they should and what not.

Subscription and membership tracker

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Possible ways to use a membership tracker

Subscription and membership trackers can be used for various purposes, some of which are mentioned below,

  • Overview of all engagements: it provides a detailed view of all subscriptions to businesses and allows us to know about the working of these businesses.
  • Tracker keeps you updated about every subscription they have ever subscribed to.
  • It makes it easier to remove subscriptions if anyone finds it a waste of money.
  • Bank details can be attached to the tracker for making payments.
  • Business owners use trackers to keep their subscribers in check. They remove fake subscribers and keep loyal customers in the loop about every product launch and celebration.

How can you benefit from a subscription and membership tracker?

Subscription and membership tracker have proved their importance over time because of the following reasons:

  • Fee payment: trackers are equipped with technology to pay fees for subscriptions without using any specific application of the business.
  • Fee schedule: Fee for a favorite subscription or membership can be scheduled on a specific month to avoid cancellation because of non-payment. Because of the scheduling feature, the fees for the subscription will be paid within the due date.
  • Due date notification: due dates of all subscriptions will be notified to ensure that their payment does not exceed the due date which can cause problems.
  • Bonuses: various businesses provide bonuses to their subscribers and members for their loyalty and on-time payment. These bonuses may include vacations, brunches, etc.
  • Notification: notification from different businesses can be easily tracked in real-time.
  • Customization: The tracker can be customized to alert the system from specific notifications from various subscriptions.
  • Payment tracker: payment for paid fees can be tracked easily by using the history of the tracker.

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