Tips to Write Employee Recommendation Letter with Sample

The letter of recommendation should be written in such a way that it can easily convey the abilities and skills of the person for the specific job. The work experience of the person, as well as other job experiences, should be shared in the letter.

Before you write this letter, make sure that you have a reason to write a positive recommendation letter. If you are not comfortable writing the recommendation letter for someone who has not been too good in the job, you can simply refuse to write.

Here are the tips that can help you write a professional looking and a useful recommendation letter.

  1. It is important to have sufficient amount of information about the employee while writing this letter. If the employee is not known to you, you are required to gather all the details about him. Also, make sure that you know the exact format of writing the recommendation letter.
  2. The most of the strong and successful recommendation letters are those which can connect the employee to the job. Make sure that the experience and skills details of the employee that you are going to write in this letter are totally relevant to the job he has applied for.
  3. Once you have finished writing the recommendation letter, proofread it thoroughly for all the mistakes. If you are not well aware of the format of this letter, you can get the help from the readymade templates. These templates provide the professional format of writing the recommendation letter.
  4. The letter can include the short and enthusiastic praise of the employee. The letter started with the positive note always makes a big difference.
  5. Describe the qualification and the achievements of the employee briefly. If you have evidence to support your provided information, mention it in the letter.
  6. You can also make a comparison in the letter to make the recipient understand that why you are recommended that specific person. There should not be any type of exaggeration in the letter.

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Sample Letter

Recommendation Letter for Promotion

This letter is written for the [Text] department to the commendation of Mr./Ms. [Name Here] for promotion. We would like to ensure the promotion based on exceptional performance he/she is showing in work as well as other workplace ethics, manners, and responsibilities.

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Mr./Ms. [Name Here] has been working with us since [Time] and we have acknowledged his/her excellent performance both by the supervisors, colleagues, staff members, and cameras.

He/She works very diligently and in quite a professional manner. Yet his/her work in filled with creativity which yields a better productivity increased by some percentage. His/her behavior with colleagues and extra staff is noble and kind. No complaint has been made against him/her for the past [X] years.

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He /she never indulges in time-wasting activities like having gossip party at the office or just wandering around doing absolutely nothing. He/she is hardworking enough to give extra hours to the work if not completed. Well organized and responsible are the two words suits him/her the most. His/her work abilities are far better than any other worker at his/her and even above her rank. He/she deserves a better rank to show his/her skills in a broader spectrum.

This recommendation has been made in the company benefit and we are quite sure that to increase our company reputation and productivity this commendation will be considered as soon as possible.

Thank you!

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Preview and Details of Template

Employee Promotion Recommendation Letter


Promotion Recommendation Letter Template

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Letter of recommendation


Letter of Recommendation for Company Use

This is a readymade format for the letter of recommendation. It is prepared in the ‘form’ format in which all the input is already given.

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