Student Disciplinary Action Letter

Letter #1

Re. Reprimanding the Non-Conforming Behavior and Recruiting Disciplinary Actions

Dear Tom,

This letter has been penned to serve as a reprimand to your behavior transcript and indicating a set of disciplinary actions that have been recruited against you followed by the warning letter sent to you by the Directorate of Student Affairs on 05-01-20XX.

In the referred letter, your non-academic behavior was discouraged, and an academic demeanor was directed to develop. The warning letter was also sent to notify you of the possible disciplinary action/measures that are likely to be taken if your code of conduct which is precisely non-academic according to the Academic Conduct of Student 5540 had been discouraged and reprimanded.

The school is not merely for the art-learning and social development, in fact, it is a place that is considered to be teaching the most conforming behavior and reprimanding what is non-conforming according to the set of rules for standard conduct. The school has an ambiance of learning which gets disruptive while intruded by the acts like you did in the recent past. The Academic Code of Conduct 202-209 has been attached to the letter. You are required to investigate the attached document to get the entire idea of possible reprimands and punitive measures that can be brought to you.

A warning letter that was sent to you remained unresponsive and your behavior was observed strictly during the time mentioned in the warning letter. The referred letter was recalled on 17-01-20XX through an email which was again not responded to. Your observed behavior compels me to write this disciplinary action letter to you, according to which you are liable to following punitive measures.

First of all, it is informed to you that your quality points will endure a ZERO (0) which will befall you in a D grade. Secondly, you have been expelled from the Booker Flyer Club of the school and your membership in the club has been abandoned. Thirdly, you have been dropped from the Redbird Competition Program of the school. You are advised to mend your code of conduct and behave in the most appropriate way in the class otherwise you will be expelled from the school. For any kind of legal assistance, you can seek a piece of legal advice from the School Advocacy Association.

You can meet me in person or write to me for any query regarding the preceding matter of misconduct and inappropriate behavior. You can contact me at [email]. Thank you.


Andrew Stylar
Assistant to the Dean of Academic Association and Social Sciences
Well-Boll Rows High School,
Nexum High Street, Snowball Square, New York, New York 54000 USA

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Letter #2

Re. Disapproval of the Non-Academic Demeanor and Recruited Punitive Disciplinary Actions

Dear Ralston,

This is Sylvia Stern, the Coordinator of the Student Affairs Department, Elegance Academia. This letter recalls the warning letter which was sent to you on 13-01-20XX. According to the performance of research project-2020, you have been seen making plagiarism exceeds with more than 55% and cheating in the final examination of the course work of American Tragedy-0309.

You were warned verbally and then through a written letter, to neither cheat nor use other cheat software to make plagiarism unseen. In your general assessment of midterm, you were observed doing the same for which you were warned. You were also informed about the standard criterion of writing the research proposal and the entire project. You were also communicated with the means of research and research ethics.

All the researches are accepted in the accordance with the 6th edition of the Chicago Manual-2017. Moreover, research is more of a student’s self struggle and not the matter of copying and then pasting.

Your supervisor Mrs. Emily Sherlock is also willing to withdraw her supervision from your research as she opines that you have not kept working and research ethics in view and made erring data analysis. Most of your content has been copied from a few websites (copy attached). You have also been absent from all the research seminars and webinars which occupies a percentage of 15 in the final result.

Having all this said, it is to inform you that you are liable to certain legal punitive measures according to the School Curriculum Standards of 2019. According to that, you will have to enroll for your research project again and the current project has been repudiated. Moreover, you are given a total of -5 in the course work in the wake of acting against the standard rules and measures.

You are required to attend the three-day workshop at Mirage Hall and register yourself for the session on Research Methodology. I understand that the workshop is a one-to-one deal which will be a little difficult to manage along with other courses and get the appointments but for punitive measures, you are liable to do so. The LSA will conduct the workshop from 23-02-20XX to 25-02-20XX.

You can seek further advice or assistance from Mr. Roland from the Directorate of Student Affairs. You can write to [email] or call at +[X] for further assistance or queries.


Sylvia Stern
The Coordinator
E-Academia, 34000 New York, New York, USA

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