Work Completion Letter for Engineer

Letter #1

Re. Completion of the Construction Work of the Site w.r.t Contract no. 2302

Dear Elbow,

I am glad to inform you that the construction works of the Stella-09 Site have been completed dated 01-02-20XX. The construction of the Stella-09 was contracted between Flexor Seven Morocco and OLUX Constructions.

The work was begun in mid-January 20XX which was contracted to be complete for 27 months. I am delighted to inform you that the work has been completed before the anticipated date. Contract details have been enclosed with the letter for your convenience.

It was one of the most significant of the mega projects in the country. It was also very much renowned for its complications as every corporation was looking forward to its completion due to its amazing site and possible interventions. The project took 24 months of dedicated and honest hard work.

The leftover of the project and other paperwork will be completed with the association and coordination of the HR department and other administrative officials. The documents and certificate of completion will be forwarded to the official email of your assistant which is duly signed by our supervisory committee and Head Engineer.

Further details have been sent to you via email. I am looking forward to new projects of the same kind in the future. It was an immensely great experience of working in the construction forte at such an amazing site.

For more please contact me via email at [email] or call me at +[X]. I am grateful to you for giving me this opportunity to prove my capabilities and have efficient experiences. Thank you.


Meldrum Hills
The Engineer, OLUX Groups
22-W Hill Plus, New York, New York 54000

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Letter #2

Re. Letter of Completion of the Work Started on 23-12-20 w.r.t Renovation Contract with IBA # 33409S32.

Dear Colley,

I am pleased to inform you that the civil contract of Renovation (with IBA # 33409S32) has been completed. I am submitting you the certificate of completion of the renovation of the production house of the company along with the change in the designing of warehouse extending it to a 1000sqyd. Following works are done in the lieu of this contract:

  • Extension of Warehouse of the Company
  • Renovation of the Production House
  • Renovation of the Production Officer’s Office (Room # 89)

It took almost three months to make all the above-mentioned changes. I have also attached the report of the completion and the details of the payment. 

I also have forwarded a copy of the completion certificate to the department of finance and project section officer. The contract was signed with the promise to make the payments one week after the completion of the work which has been fulfilled now. I am looking forward to the remaining payments being paid within one week as promised. Your feedback will do amazing if you please write to me at [email].

Thanking you and assuring you the best of my services possible.


Bell Flocks
Opposite Sky Height Tower, 23/11L, New York, New York 54000

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