Angry Letter for Salary Deduction due to COVID

Letter #1

Re. Abrupt Changes in Salary Patterns of the Specific Department due to COVID-19

Dear Sir,

This letter requires a high priority response and needs significant consideration. A few minutes ago, I received a notice in which it was notified that the salaries of the planning and development department will be deducted at the rate of 10% in the wake of COVID-19. I understand the economic instability hit by the pandemic and its grave outcomes which can put a halt to the business especially the corporate business world. I am saddened by the fact that the salaries of the employees working in PDD have been deducted and authorized for the next deduction whereas other departments’ salaries have not been deducted.

The summary sent to the finance section clearly states to behave with the PDD in this discriminated stance. PDD has been working since the beginning of COVID-19 lockdown and we have attended the office regularly even in such circumstances when everybody was staying at home. We did not care for the risk of our lives but worked hard and stayed focus. I am deeply moved by the discriminating step by the company. I am compelled to the state to retribute the decision of salary deduction otherwise PDD will pile the HR Manager’s table with resignations.

We are also suffering from the COVID-19 impacts but still working with full zeal and zest despite the sword of Damocles hanging right up our heads. I hope you will reconsider the decision keeping my argument in view. Thank you.


Jelly Stewart
The Head of the Department of Planning and Development
GROUP IT and Software
Hill Station Road, MBX, California, USA

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Letter #2

Re. Unexpected Salary Deduction Notice Complaint Scheduled on 10-01-20XX

Dear Sir,

With reference to the above-mentioned subject, I state to complain that the salaries of all the employees have been put to deduce under the impact of COVID-19 by the rate of 10%.

This is not necessary for our company to deduce the salaries mimicking the other corporate and financial sector companies and organizations. Those companies and organizations work in the field of public business demand and marketing whereas our company works as a Pharma cum Nutraceutical company which has seen no business shut down during the strict most lockdowns. In fact, more candid to say, the demand of the pharma and nutraceutical supply has been multiplied proportioning itself directly to the increase in the demand for medical instruments and nutraceutical drugs like Multivitamin supplements and energy potions.  

Therefore, as we all can see that the pandemic has not hit our business like many others, I would request you not to go for salary deductions as the situation is already critical due to the dreadful scene of every day multiplying cases of deaths and viral contagions.

I would like the company not to add to our depression otherwise I will have to think for another opportunity. Please respond to me at [X]. Thank you.


Lopez Jaggy
The Manager Finance
Stevia Pharma and Nutraceuticals
23-F Small Industrial State, California, USA

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