Justification Letter for Contract Renewal

Letter #1

Re. Details Justifying the Request for Renewal of the Contract with Reference ID # 380A-8.

Dear Simon,

This letter has been penned to you to justify the renewal of the contract with reference to the above-cited subject. According to the mark sheet, the contract which was signed by the State Oil Company with your company on tender noticed on 18th December 20XX and regularized from 3rd January 20XX. The contract brought into effect from 3rd January 20XX and it was to be expired on 3rd February 20XX. I am writing to share the details of the contract so that I can make the renewal justification clearer to you.

The contract was to be completed within the aforesaid period. The project was initiated later than the mentioned date and thus it fell into many lacks. Hence to make the amendments, we had a meeting on 17th June 20XX in which it was decided that the renewal will be made in case of project lap. These points of the meeting were not documented and thus it was not considered by the Human Resource of your company.

Moreover, the project has not been completed yet whereas the contract which was bid is going to be expired on 23rd January 20XX. Clause 18 part-IV states that the contract will be terminated on 23rd January 20XX but not without the completion of the project. It means to say that for the sake of project completion, the contract shall be renewed, and new schedules would be formulated.

Keeping all the above details in view, I request you to renew the contract with reference ID # 380A-8. You can contact us through email at [X] or call us at +[X]. Thank you.


Emily Cooper
The General Manager,
State Oil Company PVT LTD.
34/C California, USA

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Letter #2

Re. Presenting the Justification for the Contract Renewal as Operation Manager W.r.t. Employee Agreement Contract 20XX-20XX and Ad no. 32C901.

Dear Hazel,

I am Nicholas Forks from Washington, DC. I am penning down this letter to serve as a justification for the contract renewal on the advice of the HR Manager of the company. Hazel, I have been working here as an Operation Manager based on a contract from January 20XX to December 20XX. This contract was proposed by the board of directors and it secured contractual status because of the company’s internal problems, lack of funding, and some federal board restrictions.

I was a newbie to work as an Operation Manager which is why I was recruited as an Assistant Operation Manager based on the aforesaid contract. The contract can be referenced in the subject.

My contract came to an end on 28th December 20XX and consequently my job was gone. Now, I came to know through your website that the board of directors announced another two years’ contract for the operation manager. Hazel, I learned a lot during my tenure at EMMESS because of my dedication and limitless interest in the functioning of operational tasks. Now, I consider myself worthy of the job of operation manager. My report can indicate that I did a lot of improvements and my work was very well-acclaimed by all the big guns of the company.

Therefore, I request you to merge the new contract with mine and extend/renew my contract at the possibility of administrational force. I shall be very grateful to you if you please consider my request.

You can contact me via email at [email]. Please find the details of the previous contract and new contract ad enclosed. I am eagerly looking forward to your response. Thank you.


Joe Rex
Stephen Eleventh Avenue, California, USA
LL: +1-555-987-001

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