Salary Follow Up Letter

Salary follow up letter, also referred to as salary request letter is a letter written by an employee and is addressed to the employer. In this letter, the employee makes a request to the employer for the disbursement of any pending salary.

An employee is entitled to some previously decided amount for the services he renders for the organization. Usually, he gets the salary payment every month. However, sometimes, there is a delay by the employer due to which the employee’s salary becomes outstanding. This disbursement delay may happen due to many reasons, which include:

  • The organization is facing financial difficulty.
  • The payment from the third party has not been made from, which the salary of a specific employee or a few employees is extracted.
  • The HR department has made a mistake and the salaries of other employees have been credited, except for a particular employee.

Whatever the reason is, the employee can always request his employer for his pending salary disbursement. For this, he writes a letter and brings into the attention of the employer the issue of his outstanding salary.

Templates for writing such letters are easily available online as well as in programs, such as Microsoft Word, which can be customized, based on the requirements of the employee as well as the organization. At the same time, the employee may not use any template and may write the letter himself from scratch. The general details included in a salary follow up letter are:

  • Date.
  • Details of the employee, including his name, employee ID, department name, etc.
  • Details of the employer.
  • Details of the issue of pending salary, including the time for which it has been delayed.
  • Request for the disbursement.
  • Salutation and signature.

This letter should be written in a formal way and the tone of the letter should not be condescending. As this is an official request, the employer has to respond to the employee and either make the payment or negotiate for some time, as per the circumstances.


Sample Salary Follow Up letter

Dear XYZ Project Head,

I am writing this letter to inform you about my pending salary of three months until July 2019.

I had been relocated for a new XYZ project and according to this short-term contract, my salary was to be drawn from the project payments for the duration of this project, till I come back to the main office. I have heard that the client is not making timely payments, which is affecting the salary payments of the related employees.

When my salary of MAY 2019, was not credited to my account, I contacted the HR department and they informed me that they cannot help me because of the new contractual terms. I waited for two months and now, I am writing to you.

Kindly, accept my request and look into the matter. I will be very grateful if you disburse my salary soon, as I have to make payments for my pending expenses as well.


Joe Smith.

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