Response Letter for Unfair Dismissal

Many times employers terminate their workers on seemingly unfair motives. This unreasonable action not only upsets the employees’ professional rhythm but indeed is a bit thick regardless of the multifold grave consequences it leaves on them. Henceforth, you can always respond to your termination letter if it seems uncalled for to you. This reaction should always be in a formal letter as you and the employer both can keep a record of it.

Foremostly you have to check if your company has any kind of rules or an employee handbook on filing a response letter to unfair dismissal also known as grievance letter. This has the potential to save you from any kind of trouble as there may be certain limitations at the employee’s end such as a time after which one cannot submit it. You must look over the company manual to determine if your dismissal is a breach of company rules and your contract.

The instruction book might also contain the method of carrying your manifestation. In case you already have a clue on your wrongful dismissal, you should start studying the organization’s dispute process and keep your relevant documents ready as proof of your commitment to the firm.

Before you go on making the draft, acquaint yourself with relevant information like the government laws according to which an employer cannot expel a worker on the foundation of race, gender, sex, pregnancy and disability or age, unless you are officially retired. Also, know that you can claim front and back pay, attorney’s fee, accommodation, and compensation for the damages it caused you. Just don’t forget to keep the tone of your letter professional yet low as being hyper offensive can cause you more damage.

Here’s a draft we made for you to assist you in your difficult time.

Sample Letter

Employee’s Full Name
Employee’s Full Address
City, State, Zip Code

00/00/00 [Date]

Employer’s Full Name
Company’s Full Name
Company’s Full Address

Dear ABC, [Name of Employer]

Subject: Displaying concerns about my wrongful dismissal on 00/00/00 [Date].

I am subjected to great unrest after the termination letter I received from you. The reason for this prompt dismissal is unknown to me and I am quite shocked.

I have been a very productive employee of this company [company’s name] since [the commencement date] for performing my duties as a [designation]. My supervisors have always been appreciative of me for my professional decorum and commitment to the company’s motto. My colleagues can also testify to my well behaved and optimistic personality.

I feel I have been fired summarily for some kind of a misunderstanding or I am linked with a hypothetical incident. As per the decorum of my contract and company’s handbook, I am entitled to one hearing and I would like to use that. I have enclosed all the relevant documents [appointment letter, contract, official commendations, and salary invoices] for proof.

I hope you will respond to my letter within 30-days of this letter’s date. My contact information is 000-000-000 and [Email].


Employee’s signature

Employee’s printed name

List of Enclosures

Copy to supervisors (if applicable)

File: Word (.docx) 2007+ and iPad
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