Resignation Letter for Career Growth


Re. Resigning from the designation of assistant manager with one month notice

Dear Sir, I am writing this letter to inform you that I am going to resign from the job of Assistant Manager with one month’s notice i.e., effective from [DTAE]. I am resigning for the sake of career growth as I am on the venture of seeking other career opportunities. My time here in this firm has been of great significance and filled with great learning and experiences. The reason behind my resignation is solely seeking better career opportunities and getting to the horizons of great expertise in the field of business management and marketing. 

Serene House of Media Marketing (SHMM) is one of the best marketing agencies I have ever experienced. I started working in this company in June 2014 and it has been seven great years of working here. The vision of the company is very clear and the morals and ideals of the company are high and achievable. The practical and professional approach of the senior marketing agents in the company is full of inspiring ideas.

I learned a lot of new experiences and I got all the time to polish and enhance my skill set. It was due to the kind consideration of my supervisor and other seniors that I was able to replicate my thoughts and creative ideas into a frame of doable strategies.   

I have been working here for seven years and these seven years are marked with unforgettable moments and gleaming experiences. I have always tried to stay committed and honest with my work. I have been very sincere and professional in my job and that is why I was given several additional charges during the layoff period on the account of Covid-19. The time I have spent here is replete with great experiences in management and marketing and has sharpened my problem-solving skills.

I would extend my draft to thank all the team members and supervisors who made my time in SHMM memorable. I would like to thank you for the kind consideration and for providing all the opportunities. 


Antonio Grams
Assistant Manager
Serene House of Media Marketing (SHMM)
R-99 Helley Tower, DGLC, San Diego

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Re. Resignation from work for career mobility & development

Dear Ma’am,

This letter purports to inform my resignation with thirty days prior notice i.e. effective from [DATE]. The letter intends to clarify the reason behind my resignation and other liabilities. 

I have been working here since 2009. I joined this organization as an Assistant Manager. In 2013, I was promoted to the designation of Manager. Later, in 2015, I was given the additional charge of working as a Team Leader in the FDMR Project in a joint venture with SIGMA Star, Lefto Co, and Ionic Constructions. The project (phase III) was completed on [DATE] by the Team constituted for the project. Another major project under my supervision was related to Urban Planning and Management that went very successfully and was highly acknowledged by the state government of California. 

As you know, we should not be stagnant at one place professionally and should hike for other career opportunities giving strength and growth to our professional skillset and expertise. Thus, I want to resign from my designation to increment my experience in this field and further development in the sector. Working in this organization has been an immense pleasure and a time filled with learning and growth but I want to develop my career mobility as well. 

I hope you will understand while giving out the approval to my resignation that is effective after thirty days. I thank you for your constant and kind support, cooperation, and never-ending consideration of your employees. Thank you.


Team Leader
Project FDMR (Phase I, II, & III)
Tracks Group & CO. 
5560- Central Point, Greenland RT, Boston

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