Resignation Letter for New Job Opportunity


Re. Resignation from the designation of DQA manager on account of a new job opportunity with promotion.

Dear Sir, I am Ben Anderson, working as a Drug Quality Assurance Manager since 2015. I am taking this moment to notify you formally that I shall not be able to continue my job here because of another job with better career opportunities and promoted designation. Using my right to resign from the position at any time, I hereby announce my resignation through this letter with prior notice of two weeks (according to the company’s rules and regulations on resignation).

I have been working here for six wonderful years and these six years mark one of the best times for me as I was able to do a lot of accretion to my expertise and skills. During these six years, I not only comprehended management regularization but also implemented it with my own potential. Thus, it can be said that all my skills and competency have been polished by this firm.

Being ardent of learning new experiences, I applied for the vacancy available at another firm where chances of getting promotion and other increments in terms of learning and experimenting are higher. Therefore, I have decided to join the other firm. The new job would be on a higher pay scale which means I would be able to get at least 30% more salary than the current amount I am getting from this company.

Considering all this, I hereby announce my resignation from the current designation on two weeks’ prior notice. I am sorry if it brings any problem for the company. I shall be working here for the next two weeks i.e. till [DATE]. I am available for any assistance I can provide for the said time.

Thank you for providing me a chance to learn new experiences from this company and always assisting me when needed. You can contact me at +[call) or write to me at [EMAIL].


Ben Anderson
Drug Quality Assurance Manager
I-Five Group of Pharma Industries
990-POR, David Ave, Orlando
Florida, USA

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Re. Resignation for a new job opportunity

Dear Sir,

I am writing to formally notify you about my resignation from the designation of Assistant General Manager (AGM) on which I was recruited on [DATE]. I have been working here since 2016 and thus I have spent almost five years working here. It was one of the best times for me in terms of working capacity, working environment, professionality, and the grandeur of teamwork.

As you understand that it is equally important for us to go for newer and better working opportunities keeping every other thing aside. Except growing inside the working body, we also need to consider other working opportunities with a better scale of learning and job. I have another opportunity for the job as they are giving me a 32% more salary than the amount I have been paid here in this company.

Moreover, I would be recruited for one of the senior positions and with an upgraded job scale i.e. SF-11 along with various other benefits. I would be given free medical services and life insurance as well.

On account of all this, I have to resign from my current position. My resignation will be effective from [DATE] i.e., after fifteen days. Please let me know if I can provide any assistance during these fifteen days. I shall be delighted to have a farewell meeting with you and other colleagues. Respond to me at your earliest at [EMAIL]. Thank you.


Oliver Benson
Assistant General Manager
Celtic & Johnson’s
180-G Sector-11, IGH Sq. San Diego

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