New Branch Opening Announcement Letter


Re. Opening of a new franchise in Halley tower, Orlando

Dear Customers & Clients, we are glad to announce that we are going to open another branch of our store in the Halley Tower that is situated in Spenser Avenue. The opening shall be held with an event followed by a concert and other celebrating tools. The branch shall be made on the patterns of already present outlets of Solar Beauty Cosmetics and with the same articles available. The opening shall be held on [EMAIL] at 6 PM to which all of our customers and clients are invited. 

We find great pleasure in sharing this news with you and announcing it publicly. A news ad has already been published in the various local and national newspapers of Florida and all over the USA. Moreover, our social media pages have also shared the details on the mark of a new franchise. We have added the location of our new outlet at the pinned Google Maps link available on our social media pages and official website. 

The opening shall be done with the inclusion of various high officials and special guests. Mr. Meldrum, the Mayor of the city of Orlando, Suzan Anderson, the Local Minister of Law Enforcement, David Hair, Senior Journalist and Ex-chairperson of GSP News, and other officials are invited. Moreover, famous make-up artists and CDS chairman along with the director of the company shall join us in the opening of the store. 

The opening shall start with an announcement at 6 PM and shall be followed by a concert and dinner. You can get your passes for the concert from [website] or by visiting any of our stores in Orlando. The ticket costs $25 only and adds a lot of fun activities. 

We look forward to the presence of glowing faces of our customers and clients. 


Jennifer Benedict 
Solar Beauty and Cosmetics
Orlando, CA

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Re. Announcement of B & Dez’ new branch opening in San Francisco

Dear Customers & Clients,

Referencing the subject, I go on to say that the most awaited time is here. As you know that the team B & Dez was in great circumference of work and halt together by the unstoppable coronavirus and the havoc of viral infections in the area. As per government implications of the lockdown to avoid the virus contamination, we could not get permission to arrange a public gathering for the opening of the new branch but with the better situation and partial lockdown, we are permitted to have a small opening ceremony. 

The event of the opening ceremony shall be aired on the official YouTube channel of the B & Dez live where our worthy customers can join the opening ceremony. The ceremony shall be held on [EMAIL] at 5 PM in which all the high officials and other important personalities shall take part. Due to coronavirus and partial lockdown, we are not allowed to have a gathering of more than 15 people. Strong constraints of SOPs have to be followed and others can join the ceremony live. 

To make it more exciting for our customers, we are giving discount vouchers to our customers through an online procedure by sending us an email to [EMAIL]. We also shall have online quizzes and games to add fun to it and make your contribution evident and active. We thank you for your constant support and trust in our business. 


Forks Nicholas
Managing Director
B & Dez Attire
Head office, 909- Central Hall, GCS Heights
San Diego, CA

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