Letter to Father Asking Permission to Trip to Nagzira Sanctuary

A letter to the father asking permission to go on the trip to Nagzira sanctuary is a letter written by a son or a daughter. It is addressed to the father of the child, who is writing the letter. In this letter, the child informs the father about the trip to the specified place and seeks his permission to go. In addition, he also mentions the associated risks, if any.  Usually, such trips are organized by the academic institutes, that would not take the child along unless they have the consent of their parents.

It is illegal for an institute to take a child out of the school’s premises without the permission of his/her parent. Therefore, when any sort of trip is planned, they ask the children to bring their parent’s consent. Usually, the institutes demand a written consent, as it can be kept in the records as well as can be used as evidence. The written consent becomes even more important if a trip is being planned to a place, where there are chances of accidents or mishappenings such as Nagzira Sanctuary, as it has wildlife.

If a child is living in a boarding school, or a hostel, he would write a letter to the father asking permission to go to the Nagzira Sanctuary. The content and length can vary as per the circumstances, but, generally, the following details are included in such letters:

  • Date.
  • Addressee details.
  • Addressor details.
  • The details of the trip to Nagzira sanctuary, including organizers, trip duration, dues, etc.
  • Associated risks of the trip, if any.
  • Explain the benefits of the trip.
  • Convincing statements.
  • Seek permission.
  • Request for the signature on the consent form.
  • Inform how to send the form back, and how to give the money.
  • Any attached documents, such as consent form.
  • Last date of submission.
  • Gratitude and regards.

This letter is, usually, written in a casual tone, as it is an informal letter by a child to his/her father. The candidness can be reflected in the small talk and random chatter. Sometimes, even permission is sought in an impulsive way. When the father receives this letter, if he wills, he will give the permission, and sign the consent form.

Sample Letter

I am sorry I could not reply to your letter last week. I know Mom would be upset with me as well, but, due to some technical issue, the post was not going out of my school last week. Now, the problem has been fixed, so I am writing to you. I hope you both are enjoying time with grandma and grandpa. Please pay my regards to them as well.

I wanted to talk to you about something else as well. In the last month, our curriculum focused on wildlife, and regarding that, our school has planned an educational trip to Nagzira sanctuary on 15th September 20XX. It will be a one-day trip, but we need written consent from our parents. Our teachers believe that our knowledge about wildlife would certainly be reinforced through this trip. We have to pay $70, as the trip expenses. We will leave early morning and come back in the evening. Our school management has ensured, that there are no dangers or risks for the children, and we will be protected by the special team of tourist guides.

I hope you will give me permission, as I really want to explore the Nagzira sanctuary. I am sending you the consent form, kindly, sign it, and send me a scanned copy or an image. Also, please transfer the funds to my account. The last date to submit the form and dues is 8th September 20XX.

Thank you.



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