Letter to Father Asking Permission to Go for an Excursion

A letter to the father asking permission to go on an excursion is a letter, that is written by a child to his/her parent. It is an informal letter and hence the tone is also casual. In this letter, the child seeks his/her parent’s permission to go on a trip, usually, with his/her educational institution.

The academic institutions often plan for excursions or educational trips, as recreation is part of the overall learning process. However, they need to ensure, that the parents are willing to send their child on an excursion, under the responsibility of the institution. For that purpose, they often seek written consent from the parents, as it can be kept in the record for any reference.

It is important for the institution to take permission from a parent, as an excursion involves going out of the school premises. Although the school tries its best, yet there are associated risks and the probability of unfortunate happenings. If some sort of an accident happens, which was out of the school’s control, at least, it would have the parent’s written consent, and the parent cannot claim, that the school did not seek his permission.

To seek permission, and the signature on the consent form, the child writes a letter to the father asking permission to go on an excursion. The content and length of this letter may vary as per the circumstances, frequency of the letters to the parent, the details of the trip, etc. However, generally, the following details are included in such letters:

  • Details of the addressee.
  • Details of the addressor.
  • The plan of the excursion.
  • Details of the trip.
  • State the reason why one wants to go.
  • State the last date of submission.
  • Mention any amount, that needs to be paid for the excursion.
  • Convince and seek permission.
  • Ask for a signature on the consent form.
  • Gratitude and regards.

If the parent finds the details of the excursion satisfactory and is willing to send his child, he will inform the institute, usually, through a signed consent letter or form. The institute can, then, comfortably take that child on the trip. However, the consent letter does not decrease the school’s responsibility of taking care of the child, and the school should protect the child in every possible way.

Sample Letter

Dear father,

I hope you and mom are doing well at home. I am sorry, that I have been irregular in writing about my wellbeing since last month. I had my final exams going on, and I was busy with their preparations.

Now that the exams are finished, our boarding school has arranged a two-day excursion to the ABC area on 10th September 20XX. However, the principal is asking for written consent from the parents if a child wants to go. All the arrangements will be made, and managed, by the school, and we will be accompanied by three teachers.

I really need a relaxing time, as I was extremely stressed due to my exams. I wanted to ask you to allow me to go on this trip. All my friends are going, and I hope you will give me permission to go as well. I am sending the consent form along with this letter. Kindly, sign it, and send it back by 5th September 20XX so that I can submit it to the principal on time. Also, I need to submit $50 for the trip, so please send that money as well with the form.

Thank you. Pay my regards to mom as well.


Your son.  

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