Letter to Father Seeking Permission to Join Hockey Coaching Institute

What is the letter about?

A letter to a father seeking permission to join the hockey coaching institute is a letter that is written by a son or a daughter. It is addressed and sent to the father of that individual. In this letter, the child asks for his father’s permission to allow him to get admission to a hockey coaching institute. He also provides all the relevant details of the institute and the reason behind wanting to join that institute.

Permission from the father may be needed because of various motives, such as:

  • The principal of the child’s school requires the parent’s permission to allow the child to go out of the school premises, hostel, or to join a different institute, etc.
  • The head of the hockey coaching institute requires the parent’s permission.
  • The child himself wants to seek his parent’s permission as well as need finances for joining the institute.

Contents of the letter?

When this permission is being sought a letter to the father seeking permission is written by the child. The content of this letter may vary depending on the details a parent might require, the reason behind joining the institute, the charges, etc. However, generally, the following details are included in such letters:

  • Date.
  • Father’s address.
  • Son’s school address.
  • Purpose of the letter, i.e., asking permission to join the hockey institute.
  • Reason of joining.
  • Benefits of joining.
  • Relevant details of the institute.
  • Dues and charges, including how they will be paid.
  • Seek permission, also mention if a written permission letter is required.
  • Convincing statements and assurance that the child’s studies will not get affected.
  • State last date, if any.

This letter is usually written by a child who is living away from home such as in a hostel, a boarding school, etc., and he needs to communicate to his parents through a letter. As this letter is written by a son or a daughter to his/her father, it is quite informal and candid in its tone.

Sample Letter

Dear father,

I hope that you are fine and healthy. I have an urgent request to make to you. I want to join the hockey coaching institute, located near my school, to improve my game.

As you know, hockey is one of the most played games in my school, and I am often part of many hockey matches. Although we have a hockey coach, his availability is limited. A big hockey intra-school tournament is approaching, and I want myself to be ready for it. To give the best, me and my friends have decided to join the ABC hockey coaching institute, which is one of the best. It is only five minutes’ walk from my school, and the timings are convenient as well, as they would start after my school hours. The fee is also minimal, i.e., $50 per month, which I can easily pay from my pocket money.

However, as we have to go outside the campus premises, my principal is demanding written permission from our parents. Kindly, allow me to join the institute, as I believe I could really polish my skills. I assure you that I will not let this training activity affect my studies in any way. Please send me a written permission letter, duly signed by you, which I can present to the principal. I want to start on the 1st of October 20XX, so please send it accordingly.

Thank you, daddy.


Your son.

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