Thank You Mother Mary for Interceding


Tomorrow is a great day in my son’s life as he is going to complete his graduation. Both my family and I are really excited about this. We are proud parents and all this happened only due to your intercession Mother Mary. I had been gone through a very tough phase of my life over the past few years and during this phase my only hope was you. I had firm faith in you and you really helped and guided us in every matter through your intercession.

I cannot describe my feelings in words to pay my regards to you on this special day. You and Jesus have helped me a lot by making my life heaven and I am hopeful that you will consider my gratitude. My belief in you has become staunching over time. I continuously pray to have more blessings on me and my family.


Dear Mother Mary, I am indebted to you for helping my mother out from a contagious disease. Without your intercession it was impossible and I almost had lost hope as doctors had told me that only a miracle can save her life. You were my only hope left at that time and you accepted my prayers. This message is written with lots of love to show my gratefulness to you. My mother still needs your intercessions as we are nothing without you.


I am really thankful to you Mother Mary for helping my sister in her interview. Because of your intercessions, she has been selected as principal of ABC College, Brooklyn. Her biggest dream of life has become true and without your blessings, she could achieve nothing.  Your intercessions made it all possible. Please keep blessing us with your mercy and love. We are all beholden to you.


This message was long behindhand and I am much obliged to you for many invocations and benedictions you have deluged onto me. You always responded to my pleas and I consulted you whenever I felt down. You answered my prayers when I asked for your help for my children to move forward in studies and towards a better carrier. My husband was offered a job in one of the biggest organizations in the country and the competition was really tough but you interceded him and with your blessing, he became able to secure that position. My son also got a job of his own choice in the university and it was indeed a miracle for us. All these blessings happened because of your infallible supplication.


I earnestly thank you Mother Mary for answering and listening to my pleas. I had arduous pregnancy and with your intercessions, I became able to retain the baby. I bring forth a lovely and healthy twin baby. Thanks once again, Mother Mary.


My dear Mother Mary, there are many things for which I owe you. You have always been so kind to me and blessed me with your love. I do not know for which things I should thank you as the list is very long. You gave me an adorable and affectionate husband and daughter. I found you always on my side whenever I was down. Never for a second in my life, I felt single-handed. Sending lots of love your way.


I cannot thank you enough Mother Mary for the unconditional love and support that you showered on me and my friend. You protected us from a serious road accident and we were almost at the edge of death but your intercessions gave us another life. It was a miracle that without any scratch we survived. Bundle of thanks to you for saving us and bestowing us with your mercy.


I have so much happiness and jubilation in my heart for the miracle I received from you, Mother Mary. I had a firm belief in miracles and with your mercy, all my fears faded away. You always showed me the right path and I am appreciative to you for this. I will not forget the dexterity you bestowed on me within my studies. Your divine help never made me feel down and I will sing in praise of you till my last breath. Love you, Mother Mary.

Thank You Mother Mary for Interceding