Request Letter to Tenant for Early Move-in

Some circumstances necessitate it for the landlord to request the tenant to make an early move-in. For this purpose, the owner of the property writes a request letter.

Why is the request for early move-in made?

There is an agreement of tenancy better the owner of the property and the other party intended to use that property in which every detail regarding the tenancy agreement is specified. This agreement also describes the data by which the tenant is supposed to shift to the rented property. However, sometimes the landlord wants the tenant to make a move-in to that property a bit earlier. This happens because:

  1. The previous tenant has vacated the property earlier than expected
  2. The landlord wants the tenant to take over the leased property as early as possible 

Generally, the tenant has no issue with shifting before time if the landlord agrees. So, when the landlord himself appeals, it is more likely that the tenant will not refuse. But, in some cases, it might be difficult for him to move to the new property suddenly and therefore, the property owner is required to write a convincing letter.

How to write an appeal letter?

The landlord should always start the request by specifying his details such as name, address, contact details, address of the leased property, and much more. 

Before the request statement is formally placed in the letter, the sender should mention some introductory details of the agreement of tenancy and the date on which the move-in was expected. After that, the landlord can humbly ask the tenant to take over the leased property. 

There are some situations when the reader gets apprehensive as to why he is being asked to move earlier when everything has been predefined in the letter. So, the sender should be able to give a valid and concrete reason for making this request. The sender should clearly state that he has no issue and he will not interfere during moving in. In addition, the landlord should be thankful to the reader for accepting the request. 

There should be a section in the end that should provide the contact details of the relevant person who can be contacted if the tenant wants to know more about this request.

Early move-in request letter to tenant template:

In different scenarios, people from various backgrounds have to talk to their tenants about early shifting and convince them to take this crucial and complex step. A professional touch to the letter should be given so that the reader can feel that the letter and the request being made are genuine. 

People who can’t write an appeal letter of their own are suggested to use the template. The template makes it easy for people to make requests in a persuasive tone that helps them you are trying to command him or dominate him with your instructions.

Apart from the template, some people are also interested in using the sample letter. A sample letter from a landlord to his tenant is being given below:

Sample request letter: 


Name of the tenant

Dear (mention the name of the landlord),

I hope that this letter finds you in good health. I am writing this letter to humbly ask you to make an early move-in to my apartment (mention the address of the apartment). I know that according to the agreement of tenancy, you were supposed to be moving into my apartment after one month on the 1st of December 20XX.

However, I am compelled to make this request because I have to move out of the station for some very urgent things to complete and I don’t think I will be able to make myself available on pre-planned dates to hand over the apartment to you. If you have some issues with the rental fee payment, I can waive it for the current month. 

If you wish to discuss this matter with me in person, feel free to contact me on [X]. I hope that you will consider my request.  


Name of the tenant 


Request Letter to Tenant for Early Move-in

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