Marketing Plan Letter for Car Service Center

A marketing plan letter for a car service center is written by a company that offers marketing services. It is addressed to a car service center that is either seeking or may be interested in such services. In the letter, the company attempts to convince the car center to accept the proposal by stating the associated benefits.

Client companies often seek to hire experts for devising an effective marketing plan for them, so that they can compete well and earn more. With their expertise, the companies, focused on providing marketing solutions, have an in-depth knowledge of the market, and can analyze the market better. The companies involve the client companies while making the marketing plan so that the inside knowledge and perspectives of the client’s management can be incorporated into the plan as well.

A car service center may need a strong marketing plan, when it is located in a locality, having many such centers. It has become difficult to compete unless a business has effective marketing tactics. The car service center may have to snatch customers from a limited customer base. However, a good marketing plan can save their customers from going to the competitors.

The marketing companies, which offer the services of providing a marketing plan often reach out to the client companies by sending this type of letter. The content of this letter varies as per the situation and need of the marketing company and the client company as well as the offers. Key parts of the letter are:

  • Introduction of car service center.
  • Introduction of marketing company.
  • Reference to the tender notice, if any.
  • Break down of the offered services.
  • Experience and expertise.
  • Reasons why the center should choose the addresser.
  • Benefits of the deal to the car service center.
  • Convincing statements.
  • Attached the documents, if any.
  • Show hope for a contract.

When the car service center receives this letter, and if it finds the idea enticing enough, it will go ahead with the further correspondence. If the center is convinced about the associated benefits, it will sign a deal, and hire the services of the addresser company for providing a marketing plan.


Dear Ms. Ifrah,

About the tender notice of your company XYZ Limited on 5th November 20XX, I am writing this letter to propose services of our firm ABC Limited.

We have been in the field for more than ten years and have grasped a good knowledge of the market in terms of the demands and needs of the customers. Your car service center is in an area with a lot of competition around, which results in the division of customers in the vicinity. We have done our part of the research and have concluded that your center is offering many distinctive services, and if marketed well, your business can touch a high number of sales figures.

We have devised a draft of a marketing plan for your company, which when implemented, would bring an immediate hike of 10% in your sales, at the same level as your current costs. A summarized version of the plan is attached to this letter.

If you would outsource this task to our company, we would be involving your management at all levels from planning to implementation. With their valuable input and our expertise, we will make a marketing plan that best suits your needs.

Looking forward to your reply.

David Watson.

Marketing Plan Letter for Car Service Center

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