Welcome Letter to Tenant from Landlord

To make a tenancy agreement between parties run smoothly, there should be a good relationship between the tenant and the landlord. When they are in a good relationship, they make each other believe that they are ready to protect each other’s rights.

Most of the time, the tenant does not know anything about the landlord and forms an impression of his choice. The landlord should never let it happen and immediately write a letter to the tenant as soon as both parties sign an agreement. This letter should be an introductory letter.

What is a welcome letter to the tenant from the landlord?

This is an introductory letter in which the owner of the property lets the tenant know about himself. In this letter, the owner of the property welcomes the tenant upon taking control of the property for a given period. With this letter, the occupant of the property feels that the landlord is so happy to have him occupy his property. This eventually builds up a strong relationship.

Why you should write a welcome letter to the occupant?

The legal owner of the party is always suggested to come up with a welcome letter due to many reasons. The landlord should take this letter as an opportunity to start a positive and happy relationship with the occupant. This letter is written because:

The tenant feels comfortable:

Usually, tenants feel insecure when they become the residents of a property owned by someone else. Some landlords misuse their authority and try to disturb their tenants with unnecessary interference and poor behavior. So, when the owner of the property writes the welcome letter, the residents of the property feel comfortable and at home.

It builds up a strong relationship:

Sending a welcome note to new residents makes them feel that you care for them and you are not going to disturb them. This way, the tenant also feels good and takes care of the property in a better way.

The owner of the land can give instructions:

Although it is an introductory letter and is being written to welcome the residents, the landlord also has a golden opportunity to give a piece of his mind. For instance, the resident can be asked to share the issue regarding the maintenance work the property needs.

It helps outline rules:

There are lots of rules and things that are not discussed in the agreement of tenancy. Such things can be discussed in the welcome letter. The property licensee can tell the resident where he can throw the trash and what to do if the sewerage system gives in.

It clears the resident’s mind:

The landlord should understand that there might be many questions in the mind of the tenant. The welcome letter allows him to answer all those questions upfront.

Mistakes to avoid:

While writing the welcome letter, you should commit the following mistakes:

  1. Some people forget to mention their details in the letter. The tenant fails to understand who has sent them a welcome letter.
  2. Some landlords fail to express their feelings while welcoming the residents. When they welcome the residents, they don’t write it well. Due to this, they fail to make the tenant feel comfortable.
  3. Some landlords give too many instructions in the welcome letter that make the tenant feel overwhelmed. The tenant feels that the landlord is being overprotective.
  4. Landlords don’t follow the correct format and as a result, details added to the letter have no connection with each other. The letters become difficult to understand by the tenant and sometimes the meaning of the letter also changes. Therefore, the ambiguity remains there.  

Template of the welcome letter from the landlord:

Landlords are not usually accustomed to writing such letters to their tenants and they are often found on the lookout for the person who can write it for them. Such people are recommended to download a readymade template from some sources and then edit it to make it well-suited to their situation. The template has a professional format and it also allows the user to alter it and modify the details.

Sample Letter

I am [name] the owner of house no [number] located on [address]. My agent Mr. [name] has informed me about letting the house to you for the next [number of months]. I wanted to welcome you formally and extend my best wishes to you.

The house you have rented is one of the finest properties built around the seaside. We got this house designed by Mr. [name], a well-known architect and said to be an expert in sea-side housing catering to all the special circumstances such a location entails. We built it with a lot of love and attention to detail as we were getting it made for our occupation. However, due to my wife’s health issues, we were forced to shift to a smaller place near the hospital and have started renting this house out.

The location of the house makes it very attractive, as the beach is within walking distance and the pleasant sea breeze keeps the house cool during the day. Everyday essentials are easily available in the neighborhood. Some of these stores also offer home delivery.

Since you have young kids I would recommend exploring the [name] school in the vicinity. New restaurants are sprouting in the area and offer excellent seafood. There are parks for the kids and jogging and cycling tracks for adults and to top it all, this is one of the safest areas.

We hope your stay in this house is pleasant and you make beautiful memories here. I wish you all the best for the future and looking forward to seeing you around.

Yours sincerely,

Welcome Letter to Tenant from Landlord

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