Request Letter of Transfer to another Branch for Family Problems

There are many situations when we have to move out of station or relocate to a new place permanently. We know that our decision is going to cause inconvenience to the firm we are currently working in. Therefore, we decide to request our boss to relocate from the job. 

What is an appeal letter to shift to another franchise of the company?

This is a type of appeal letter that a candidate writes to his/her boss to ask for a job relocation favor. This generally happens when an employee can’t leave the job immediately. Some companies also don’t want their employees to leave because they have trained them well and invested a lot of time in them. In such a situation, it is more likely for a corporate to accept the application. 

What is the purpose of a job relocation request?

People usually put forward this request when they learn that there is a branch of the company in the new location they are shifting to. Practically, a person has to struggle a lot to find a new job. Job relocation will save him from this struggle and shifting will be easy for him. 

When an employee comes to know that the company cannot afford to lose a loyal worker, he will make the request with confidence. 

How to write the transfer appeal?

The purpose of every requisite is to convince the employer into approving it. Therefore, the tone and lots of other factors are required to be kept on board. For instance, the employee must know the policy of the company regarding the job relocation before he writes the application. If there is no such policy, writing the request can be useless. 

Employees are also recommended to do their homework to know about the vacancy in the branch they want to be relocated to. This will help him persuade his boss. The tips given below can be useful for all those workers who want to start their job at a new location:

Give your introduction:

The worker should always start the letter by introducing himself. It is important to introduce first rather than to appeal. The introduction must include only those details that the employer might find useful. 

Make a straightforward application:

This is a professional letter that you are writing to your boss and therefore, it does not require you to beat around the bush. Let the boss know in a straightforward way that you are in the need to get a job relocation in another branch of the same company. 

Give reason:

You are not bound to give the reason as to why you want the relocation of employment. However, if you feel that giving the reason can help you convince your boss, you must go for it. 

Let the company know-how can cooperate:

Provide your services to cooperate with the company in making arrangements for your relocation to another branch of the company. 


Sender’s name:
Address of the sender:


Receiver’s name:
Address of the receiver:

Subject: A request for transfer

Dear Sir,

I am Mr. ABC working as a (mention your designation) in the sales department of the company. I am writing this letter to formally ask you to transfer me to the other branch of the company located in (mention the address). 

I am compelled to make this request because I have to relocate to my native town because of the illness of my mother.  There is no one with her to take care of my mother and therefore, it is my responsibility to take good care of her. 

I would like to work in the other branch in the same position and fulfill the same responsibilities that I have been fulfilling in the same company. Furthermore, I am ready to train the replacement who is going to fill my space here. 

I hope that you will understand my situation and take the necessary steps for my job relocation. In addition to it, I am looking forward to a kind response from your side. 


Name of the employee
Designation of the employee in the company


Request Letter of Transfer to another Branch for Family Problems

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