Property Management Takeover Letter

Every property owner needs a manager if he cannot supervise his property on his own. Hiring a manager enables the property owner to take a sigh of relief. The main responsibility of every manager is to oversee all the operations that are carried out in relation to the property. The manager also deals with the people to who the property has been rented out. Therefore, some owners cannot even imagine operating their business without having a qualified and trustworthy supervisor.

What is a property management takeover letter?

This is a business letter that a newly appointed supervisor writes to all those people who are directly or indirectly impacted by his appointment as a manager. This letter brings lots of information for the recipient.

Who can write a property management acquisition letter?

The person who has been appointed as a supervisor can write the letter to all those people who have the property in their possession that is being supervised by him. This letter lets people know who to contact if they have anything to resolve or any queries.

In some cases, the landlord also writes to all his tenants and informs them about the appointment of the new controller.

Why do people write possessions acquisition letters?

There is always someone who oversees the property that is in the possession of other people. The manager has to take care of the possessions and also make sure that everything related to these possessions is done sensibly. The manager is informed about his responsibilities and then he writes a letter to tenants to let them know about his responsibilities.

After reading this letter, people also come to know about the newly appointed manager and then they don’t contact the older manager who was dealing with them previously. In addition to it, the controller also finds it convenient to reach out to all the relevant people and tell them how and when he can be contacted.

How to write?

This letter is a kind of introduction letter in which the controller recruited by the landlord tries to inform people about his appointment. The manager is required to make sure that he writes reasonably, and everyone finds it very easy to understand. Read below as to how you can draft a perfect letter:

Give your introduction briefly:

Every manager should try to give his introduction at the very start of the letter. The introduction should be relevant to the reader. Since you are introducing yourself as a manager, give your introduction only as a manager.

Discuss your responsibilities:

Discussing the responsibilities in the letter lets everyone know why you have taken over the manager post and what you are expected to do. They also come to know for what matters they can approach the manager and how to get their issues resolved.

Ask the tenant to reach you:

Sometimes, the tenant does not know why he is being informed about the appointment of a new manager. Therefore, the manager should clearly explain to the tenant in which situation he should reach him and get the issue resolved.

The sample letter written by a manager to people possessing apartments is being given below. Reading this sample will help you understand the letter easily. 

Sample property management acquisition letter:


Name of the recipient
Name of the sender
Address of the sender

Dear Mr. ABC,

I am glad to announce that the management of the apartment (mention the details of the apartment) has been taken over by me. I would like to introduce myself to you as a new manager of the property. Please remember that your current lease and the rental agreement will remain effective. But, the rent amount, maintenance requests, and other queries should be sent to my address mentioned above.

If you have any questions regarding using the apartment in your possession or have any maintenance-related requests, please contact me on (mention your phone number).

We are looking forward to providing our best management-related services to you so that you can enjoy a safe and comfortable apartment without any problem. I am looking forward to your kind response. 


Name of the manager


Property management takeover letter

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