Promissory Note to Comply with Requirements

Sometimes, we are required to show compliance with the requirements. These requirements can be in the form of actions or documents. In some cases, showing compliance becomes inevitable. The person who has not been following the principles of policies of an institute might find himself in hot water. Therefore, even if he can’t abide by the requirements right now, he can promise to follow them in the future.

What is a promissory note to comply with requirements?

This is a kind of business letter that one party writes to another party to make a promise to observe requirements or provide required documents by a particular date. The other party which is waiting to see the observance of its requirements reads the promissory note and then decides whether the sender should be given the leverage of any kind or not. Therefore, how you put down a promise in a note matters a lot.

The note of assurance looks like a letter that a sender is willing to write his words of honor for someone and then sends it. When someone writes this assurance note, he should be careful because promising something very difficult for you to fulfill can cause lots of problems. The assistance of the legal prosecutor can also be taken.

Writing the promissory note:

In general, commitment documents are used whenever a payment is to be made from one party to another. However, there are many situations when documents are given more importance than money and it is mandatory for people to submit those documents. Sometimes, the requirements can also be met by showing adherence to various policies.

What information should be provided in the promissory note?

When you write the promissory note, you should make sure that you add the details that are useful and informative:

Include the name of the party you are writing to:

The note of commitment targets the person who needs to know about it. You are not writing a commitment that can be applied anywhere. So, the commitment you are putting down should target a specific person whose name must be mentioned in it.


Enter the exact date on which you are making the promise. This date is important because it clearly states how many days you are taking and from which date, your commitment will be considered effective.

Discuss the requirements you are going to meet:

Although the reader knows what requirements must be met, your promissory note tells what you are committed to fulfilling exactly. In case you are required to provide documents, you must enlist all of them one by one. If the recipient had requested you to write a promissory note, refer to that note and mention that you are responding to that request in the form of this note.

 Date of expiry:

It has been told earlier, the promissory note often gets legal recognition, and then, any legal action can be taken against the person who has given a written oath to do something but then did not. So, for your security, you must tell that this note will no longer be operational once you finish observing all the specified demands.

Below is an assurance note that a student has written to the school’s administration to affirm that he/she will provide the required documents to the school:

Sample promissory note to comply with requirements


To Whom It May Concern

This promissory note should be deemed a legal promise from my side to comply following requirements by 18th November 20XX.

  1. A good moral character certificate
  2. A copy of an authenticated birth certificate
  3. An experience letter from the former employer
  4. A copy of the passport size picture with the blue background
  5. A copy of national identity card

Once all the documents have been provided, this note shall be deemed expired, and I will not be liable to act on it any further. In addition, you can reach me on (mention your phone number) if you want some other documents to be provided. Thank you for your cooperation

Name of the student
Student’s roll number:
Program of enrolment:


Promissory note to comply with requirements

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