Request Letter not to Increase Rent due to Crises

Nowadays it is tough to pay rent. This is because of the tough financial situations that people are facing. COVID-19 has reduced people’s ability to live luxuriously. This is because many economic activities have been stopped and some people are not getting paid in full. Some countries may allow certain individuals to have a rent freeze.

A request letter not to increase rent or request to freeze the rent is the letter that the tenant will submit to the landlord asking them to kindly freeze the rent. This will be for a certain time. Rent freeze is no transaction of any rent amount occurring amongst the tenant as well as the landlord. This is only for a specific period.

If you have some financial issues, then it is better to ask the landlord for a rent freeze. This is because it states that you will pay the rent later on. Therefore, the landlord may accept it. This letter is proof that the tenant requested the landlord for this rent freeze. In some countries, the landlord may be bound to do this.

You want your landlord to accept your request. To do this you can keep in mind the following points:

  1. Simple: The words used must be simple. Be direct and to the point. You need to make it simple for the landlord to know what you are asking for. They do not have time to read extra things.
  2. How long the rent freeze should be for: The time limit should be given. If for instance you do not have a job anymore and may join after three months, request that the rent be frozen for three months.
  3. Reasons: The landlord needs to know why you are making this request. The reasons why you are forced to request the freeze need to be stated clearly. These should convince them to let you have the rent freeze.
  4. Other details: Give the letter a professional outline by stating the name and address of the landlord. The subject should be given. Then address them with “Dear.” End with “Yours sincerely” and your name and date.

A request letter must convince the reader to accept what you are asking for.

Sample Letters


Subject: Request letter not to increase the rent due to crises

Dear Alex,

My purpose behind writing you this letter is to forward a formal request not to increase the rent for the new year due to crises. I had never thought of writing you like this because we have been enjoying landlord-tenant relations for the last three years. Neither I nor you gave me any chance of complaint regarding rent payment.

You must be well aware of widespread COVID-19 which has played havoc not only with the lives of millions of the people but also caused a downturn in the world’s economy thus rendered the masses helpless. I run my own business in your shop which has been closed for the last three months due to severe lockdown. Regardless of business closure, I am paying rent to you without any complaint. The new year is about to start, and you have full rights to increase the rent up to 10 percent as mentioned in our contract. Since we all have been restricted to homes and I have not earned even a single penny during the lockdown, you are requested not to increase the rent for the upcoming year. This will be a great virtue from your side.

I hope you will consider my request and give me a chance to say, ‘thank you’.

Yours truly,

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Dear Johnson,

In response to your letter I received yesterday in which you have asked me for an increase of 10 percent in existing rent, I am penning you this letter as a request not to increase the rent for the upcoming year. I am running a small business in your shop and despite my tireless efforts, I have not been able to earn enough income due to the poor economic situation prevailing in the country. I have four school-going children as well and have to face a lot of difficulties in order to make both ends meet.

I know you have your own rights as a landlord in terms of increasing the rent. Keeping in view my poor financial condition, I request you not to increase the rent for the coming year. I have been with you for the last three years and had never asked for such a favor before. Please consider my request and inform me as soon as possible about your decision in this regard.

Yours sincerely,

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