Recommendation Letter for Promotion by Supervisor

What is a recommendation letter for promotion?

A promotion recommendation letter is written by the supervisor of the company when he wants to recommend an employee for promotion. This letter outlines the reasons that made the supervisor recommend the subject of the letter.

What is the purpose of writing the recommendation letter for promotion?

The basic purpose behind writing the promotion recommendation letter is to help the employee in getting the promotion in the company. This letter is generally written by the person who knows the employee well and who can confidently write the recommendation for the employee because he knows well about his capabilities.

As a matter of fact, it is a major responsibility of a supervisor to recommend a person in the company for promotion since promoting the person who deserves it the most is the key priority of the company. The supervisor should use his insight and experience to judge whether the person he is going to write the recommendation for deserves it or not.

In the letter, the supervisor should explain all the skills and competencies of the subject that make him the best and most suitable candidate who deserves to be promoted. The fairness of the supervisor is very important to be maintained.

Importance of recommendation letter for promotion

Getting a promotion is something very valuable for the employee. Through the recommendation of the supervisor, he gets the opportunity to grow and progress in life. The recommendation letter written for the promotion of the employee by the supervisor carried a lot of weight since the employer believes in what the supervisor says.

The supervisor should try to make sure that he/she writes the recommendation letter in an efficacious way. For this purpose, he can get the assistance of a readymade template. If the template is not needed by the supervisor, he can take help from the sample letter. Here is the sample letter of recommendation written by the supervisor for promotion of the employee

Sample Letter

[Company Name]

[Complete address of the company]

The subject of the letter


To Whom It May Concern

I am writing the letter of recommendation for Mr. ABC who has been working as MENTION THE DESIGNATION in the company for 5 years. Mr. ABC has been working with complete diligence ever since I started working with him. He is a very hardworking person who has always done his best to meet the ever-increasing needs of the company.

Mr. ABC has already been promoted quite a few times in the past. Everyone in the company knows how diligently he works. According to [X], MR. ABC is the most appropriate person for the promotion. As a matter of fact, no one in the company can doubt the propriety of him for promotion. I am sure that he will play the best role in making the company progress.

I hope that you will consider my recommendation. If you need further information about Mr. ABC, you can contact me on my phone number.



Signatures of the supervisor

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