Recommendation Letter for an Employee to be Promoted as a Supervisor

An organization or a company, regardless of the greatness of its size and operations, thrives on the orderliness and efficacy of its employees. On the other hand, the employees also want to get promoted so they are diligent in their work and strive for more productive results.

By and large, organizations have hired managers with the only job to watch over all of the employees to pick the most struggling and industrious ones to promote them to a higher rank. A manager’s job is to hunt the talent and reckon the abilities of the workers that could benefit the company. The employee should not only be able to face a great deal of endurance for his assigned work but also have an optimistic and positive behavior to harvest in the work environment.

With all these aspects covered, a recommendation letter becomes a huge deal for an employee as the manager has taken enough confidence in his/her work and endorsed him for a higher rank.

Here are a few tips for you to stay convincing while writing a recommendation letter to your concerned authorities to vouch for an employee.

  • The focus should be on how the employee is propitious for the organization
  • What has he done so far for the growth of the company i.e. highlight the best of his work portfolio?
  • How was your experience working with him/her?
  • What has this worker contributed so far for the work environment upswing of the company
  • His/her role in teamwork and attitude towards the other employees

Make sure you don’t let your personal biases overwhelm you to promote an individual. Your sole intention should be the improvement of the company you have vowed to stay loyal to. Always adhere to facts and be open to relevant inquiries.

Sample Letter

Jon Snow [concerned authority’s name]
Director of the board [designation]
[Company’s name]
[company’s address]
[City name]

Date of writing the letter

Subject: promotion recommendation letter

Dear sir,

I, your name and designation, am pleased to write this letter to you to recommend Mr./Ms. [write employee’s name here] for promotion for the post of [the seat you are recommending the employee for]. It has been 2-years since I have been closely working with him/her and she has promised absolute diligence in her work. 

His/her approach towards work alongside the strategies and execution are up to the mark.

He/she always prioritized deadlines and his assignments have always satisfied the clients. Mr. XYZ is quite instrumental in teamwork as he is a great team player.

With his client-oriented demeanor, he has been able to persuade more clients to trust us for their projects. I have had a pleasant work experience with him throughout these 2-years. Henceforth, I believe his promotion for [designation] will prove out to be quite productive for the company.

Please contact me if you require additional information on him/her.


Your name
Your designation in the company
Signature and stamp

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