Expense Claim Letter to Account Office

A lot of times, an employee has to spend some amount of fortune on official work out of his pocket owing to the unavailability of funds provided beforehand by the account’s office. This could be a field trip, a visit to a particular branch of the company in pursuit of professional tasks, travel expenses, or simply any other expenditure on work-related assignments.

The employee can claim the expenses before the task, or after it is completed in some cases. The protocol is, you mention the relevant details that require expenses and decently ask for the grant. If you had an emergency or the nature of work demanded upfront reimbursement and you paid personally, you should keep the invoices to show as it was legit.

Always approach this matter with professionalism, which means writing a letter to the accounts officer. As you make a draft, begin with your introduction and the significance of your assignment and answer already why you needed to spend a fortune on it.

Then explain the summary of the total amount spent leaving no relevant detail. Enclose all the invoices, including tickets if you had to travel, with the application so there’s no loop left for rejection.

In the end, request politely, but do not beg as it is your right, you are not asking for donations, to reclaim your rightful amount.

Sample Letter

Sam Haul,
Accounts Office,
ABC [company’s name]

Subject: Claim of official expenses

Dear sir,

I, Mike Bloomfield, a manager at the Sales and Marketing Office, am writing this letter to bring your attention to a serious matter.

I have been working on [project name] for 3-weeks now and it is in collaboration with [another branch name]. My project demanded a visit to the [another branch name you visited] to meet my colleague who is assisting me in the research.

The nature of work was pressing, therefore I had to pay an urgent visit to discuss all the assignment related details. Henceforth, I could not acquire funds for official expenses beforehand. My visit started at [mention date] and ended at [mention date].

I am now requesting you to have a look at the expenses I had to pay for out of my pocket. I have enclosed all the relevant invoices and documents herewith. The reimbursement form is also filled with all the important information filled.

It is requested of you to release my payments as early as you can.


Mike Bloomfield

Manager at Sales and Marketing department

ABC [company’s name]

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