Permission Letter to Hostel Warden for Leave

At some point in life, we all need to stay away from our homes. In that situation, we usually choose to live in a hostel. A hostel is a place that gives us the feeling of home. We get all the facilities that we are supposed to get on the premises of our homes. However, these services are paid and we have also some rules to follow. One of the most common and important rules of living in the hostel is to ask for permission before leaving it. The hostel’s warden is mainly asked whenever leave is required to be taken.

What is the permission letter to the hostel warden for leave?

This is a type of letter that we usually write to the warden when we want to leave the hostel. The purpose of this letter is to seek permission from the warden who is responsible to handle our matters regarding our stay in the hostel. The hostel is not an imprisonment. We can leave whenever we want to. However, when we want to keep the doors of the hostel open for us, we should show a goodwill gesture by taking permission from the warden of the hostel.

While you write this letter, you should keep this fact this mind that you might need to come back to the hostel in the future. Therefore, try to remain positive throughout the letter so that the warden approves your request with alacrity.

What are the important components of the permission letter written to the warden?

When you write to the warden, there is a need to ensure that you add all the relevant details to it. Here are the main components that must be included in this letter:

  • Purpose of the letter:

As soon as you start the letter, you should mention why you writing to the warden. With this information, the warden prepares herself for the rest of the letter and decides whether to approve the request or not.

  • Background:

You should specify that how long you have been living in this hostel and what kind of services you enjoyed in the hostel. You can create a positive relationship with the warden.

  • Specify the reason for leaving:

Although it is not important to mention that why you want to leave, you can provide the reason if you think that the reason is genuine and you can convince the warden of the reason.

  • Ask the warden to reply:

Since you have written this letter to the warden with the request to accept your application letter of leave, you should ask the warden to approve your request. This is usually written at the end of the letter when it is ensured that all the important details have been provided and now it is the time to close the letter.

Sample letter:


Name of the warden:

Name of the hostel:

Dear (mention the name of the warden),

I am writing this letter to you because I would like to ask for permission to leave. I am from the last semester and now I have to take training for future employment after completing my degree. I have been staying in your hostel because I am trying to get my life on track. I have to stay away from my home and I found this hostel to be my second home.

I believe that this hostel has given me so much. I have got the opportunity to socialize with different people, the comfort of home in the hostel, and everything from different aspects of life. I am very much satisfied with the services provided by the hostel to me. However, now is the right time for me to look into my career. There is a need to test if I can achieve my independence for which, I will have to leave your hostel.

I am looking forward to your approval. Please accept my appreciation in advance and feel free to contact me if you have any query in your mind regarding this matter.


Yours sincerely,

Name of the sender

Signatures of the sender


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