Permission Letter to Use Church Premises

It is a common perception that church is a place of worship and you can go there when you want to hold a special prayer or want to exercise some rituals of your religion. However, these days, churches are also used to organize some special and legal events. Churches host different events and therefore, if you want to organize an event and want to use church premises for this purpose, you can write the permission letter to those who have control over the church and its work.

What is a permission letter to use church premises?

This is a kind of letter that you need to write when you want to seek permission from the church authorities to use the church for a specific purpose. This is a formal letter that needs to be written in a formal tone.

The permission letter to use church premises must be addressed to the authorities of the church. This is a kind of request letter in which you should ask the church authorities if you can use the church. This should be done by providing the details regarding the nature of the event, requirements of the event, your expectations from the church venue, and much more.

What are the basic components of this permission letter?

There are three basic elements that you must not forget to add to your letter when you are seeking permission for using the church. Here are three basic elements of this letter:

  • The details about the theme of the event:

This is a very important part of the letter as based on this information, the church authorities decide whether to approve your request or not. Many such events are not ethical and therefore, they are not permitted to be conducted in the church. You should mention the theme of the event so that the church authorities can decide if this event meets their criteria.

  • A number of people attending the event:

When you send your request to use the church premises for organizing the event, the first question that comes to the mind of the church authority is whether the church can accommodate people you have invited or not. So, you must talk about the number of people who will attend the event.

  • Details of the event:

Another major component of the letter is the date and time of the event. You should also tell how many days the church will be required to hold the event.

  • A formal request:

Since you know that using the church for any event is not free, you should ask the church authorities to tell you the estimated amount that you will have to pay for organizing the event within the premises of the church.

Below is a sample letter for you so that you can learn how you can write to the church convincingly to convince the church authorities to allow you to host the event in the church. 

Sample letter:


Dear (mention the name of the person in church authority),

I, with my other group members, hold different educational events at different places. In this season, we have planned to visit your area and use your church for conducting an educational event as a venue.

Our event will be commenced on 25th March 20XX and will end on 31st March 20XX. We want to use the church during these days from 7 am to 8 pm every day except Sunday.

For holding this event successfully, we would like to use the auditorium, stage, washroom, and lawn of the church. We will also need the furniture of the church so that we can hold our event successfully.

I would like to request you to draft a document of terms and conditions for using the church premises. Additionally, please create the cost breakdown so that we can know how much it will cost us to organize the event in the church.

I am looking forward to your reply and consideration. I appreciate your approval in advance. Feel free to contact me on my phone number [X].


Yours sincerely,

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