One Day Request Letter to Work from Home

Working from home is beneficial for the employer and employee in many situations. However, when the employee wants to work from home, he will have to get the approval of the employer. For this purpose, he writes the request letter. In this letter, the employee is required to communicate the reason that has compelled to make this request.

Many people find it convenient working from home when they have some important deadlines to meet and they want to work in peace and quiet to stay focused on their work. Additionally, some employees also work from home when they are unable to show up in office due to many reasons such as illness.

How to write the request letter to work from home for one day?

Although it is good to work from home in many situations, sometimes the employee is a little unwilling to allowing anyone to work from home. Therefore, the employee has to write the request letter in a convincing fashion that is effective enough to convince the employer. Below are the tips that you can follow for following if you want to get the approval of working from home for one day:

  • Tell the employer why you are writing this request letter

When you write this letter to your employer, make sure that you make him clear that why you are writing this letter. This lets the employer becomes clear about whether to accept your request or not.

  • Give the reason for the request

To accept your request for working from home, your employer may need to know what the reasons for you to work from home are. Make sure that you have a solid reason that is convincing enough to make your employer approve your request.

  • Keep it simple

Your request letter does not have to be complex. It is required that you keep it simple and pertinent. For this purpose, directly add the details and explain if needed.

Sample -1


Craig McMillan,
CEO, Stars Marketing Co.
City tower, Michigan, USA.


Subject: One-day request letter to work from home

Dear McMillan,

I am Anderson, working as a Liaison Officer in Stars marketing co. for the last five years. My primary job is to communicate with all the clients through emails to solve their queries they may have time to time. I am putting through this letter, a request to work from home for one day only. You may know that the youth festival is on its way and there will be a rehearsal tomorrow. We are also celebrating an event next week and I still have thousands of clients to invite. Due to the blockage of roads tomorrow, it will be difficult for me to reach the office on time and therefore, I will not be able to communicate with all clients effectively.

I am aware of the concerns you may have in your mind right now. I assure you not to worry about me. I have a reliable laptop and internet connection. No doubt, we are enjoying the friendly environment here in the office but still, I feel that with the comfort of home, it will be quite easy for me to contact all our clients. While staying at home, I will make sure that work is done efficiently and without any hassle. You can ask me about the progress of work anytime whenever you want.

Keeping in view all the circumstances, I may kindly be granted one-day permission to doing work from home. Thanking you in advance.

Yours obediently,


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Sample -2


Mark Steve,
CEO Stars Cables,
Canal Tower, Michigan, USA.


Subject: One-day request letter to work from home

Dear Sir,

I hope you will be enjoying good health nowadays. I am McMillan, working as Office Assistant in your company since 2010. I have been regular throughout my stay as evident from the record. Through this letter, I want to put in my request for working from home this Friday for just one day. I know it looks strange, but it will be difficult for me to manage work here in the office. I could have applied for the leave of the said day, but I know the value of work and that’s why I sought your permission instead of availing leave.

The reason behind my request is that I have some guests visiting me on Friday. They will visit me by the time I usually return home but at that time, it will be too late. I want to say welcome outside my home which would not be possible otherwise. I hereby request you to grant me permission about the said matter. I assure you that this kind of relaxation will not affect the work quality whatever the situation may be. In addition, I shall submit the report on time. I shall be extremely grateful to you if you accept my request.

Waiting for your positive response in this regard.

Yours obediently,


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