Landlord Letter to Tenant Refused to decrease the Rent

Sometimes, it becomes difficult for the tenant to pay the rent because of the different economic crisis. For example, due to the current outbreak of Coronavirus, many people have become jobless and this has made them difficult to pay the rent. Then he writes the letter to the landlord requesting him to lower the rent.

If the landlord is also going through the crisis, he will not be able to decrease the rent. Therefore, he writes the letter to his tenant to refuse the decrease in rent. Since the letter is being written to the tenant to turn down his request, it is important to do it politely so that it does not ruin the relationship of the landlord and tenant

Things to remember while writing the letter

The landlord should care about the sentiments of the tenant and make sure that he refuses the tenant respectfully. Here are a few tips that can be followed easily when the landlord wants to refuse the tenant considering courtesy.

  • Tell the tenant why you cannot decrease the rent

There might be some economic crisis in your life that might have made it difficult for you to survive without the rent amount you receive from the tenant. So, you should never forget mentioning it in the letter that you cannot accept his request because of your financial problems. Make sure that you mention the reasons in such a way that they make sense to the tenant.

  • Use kind words in the letter

While refusing the request of the tenant, make the tenant feel that you understand his problem well. This will make the tenant feel that you have real empathy for him but you are unable to accept his request you are yourself in crisis.

  • Ask the tenant to pay the decided rent

In the end, the letter reaffirms that you are not accepting the request and tenant is required to pay the rent of the same amount that he used to pay.

Sample -1


Edward John,
L-56, street 6
Michigan, USA


Subject: Refusal to reduce house rent

Dear Mr. Edward,

I hope you will be enjoying good health nowadays. I was out of the city for an urgent piece of work. On my arrival, I was informed by my maid about your letter in which you have requested me to reduce the house rent. Although I am aware of the hard time which you are facing these days regarding your business, I am feeling extremely sorry that a decrease in house rent is not possible now. You know that my house is in the center of the city and is easily accessible from all directions. Owing to its location, I was being offered a more rental amount than you offered to me. I preferred you keeping in view our relationship and my trust in you. In addition, I am providing you all the modern facilities such as electricity, gas, full furnishing, fully equipped kitchen, tiled washrooms, and modern style bedrooms. Tenants living around you are paying much more amount as rent than you are. You can also confirm from them.

As far as I am concerned, you know that I am running my small business, earning a limited amount. Prices of things are being raised day by day. It is very difficult for one to survive with small earnings. This is the reason due to which I cannot accept your request right now. I am sure that you will not mind this and understand my problem. But still, if you think that you are paying more house rent, you are welcome to search for another house for your residence. I cannot give you any more favor.

Pay my regards to everyone at home.

Yours truly,


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Sample -2


John Harry,
H-78, Street 9
Airline Society, Michigan, USA


Subject: Request for a reduction in house rent

Dear John,

I just received your letter in which you have requested to reduce the house rent owing to your financial crisis and inflation problem. I know you have a big family to feed and have to work hard in order to make both ends meet. Still, I am sorry to say that I cannot accept your request at this time. You know that my situation is not different from you as I am a retired person and my sole source of income is that amount which I am taking as rent from different tenants. Keeping in view my condition, you should not have forwarded this kind of request to me because we have already signed an agreement about rent.

Such hard times may come in one’s life when one has to face a great loss in business. Losing hope and seeking sympathy is not a better option particularly when you have signed a written agreement with someone. You should have understood all pros. and cons. of the agreement before signing it. Now you have no other choice but to pay the full rental amount. I assure you that acting like this will increase your chances of survival and you will also overcome that loss which you faced in your business. 

For a retired person like me, it is not possible to entertain your request for a reduction in house rent. Kindly pardon me and pay the current amount of rent. I hope you will understand my situation and pay the rent on time.

Pay my regards to everybody at home.

Yours sincerely,


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