Employee Absence Excuse Letter due to Stress

Occupational stress is considered a serious health issue. It can lead to poor performance at work, less happiness and diverse mental health problems. Stress is one of the common reasons to take a leave of absence from work. An excuse letter can be written to the employer for absence due to stress if an employee wants to take some time off work or work remotely for a while. This excuse letter is usually submitted in the form of a formal letter to the boss, supervisor or the human resource department, depending upon the company’s requirements.

More than 70% of adults in the United States feel anxiety and stress, daily. Employers might provide employee assistance programs to lower stress levels of their employees as it is found helpful, physically and professionally, when employees discuss their stresses with trained health specialists.

The FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) also provides legal protection for stress leaves to employees, if the employee has served in that company or organization for more than a year. The HR department can be helpful regarding the paperwork needed for a stress leave of absence.

Reasons for Stress

The causes of work stress can be many. Employees have to meet deadlines which on their own is very stressful. Sometimes, extra night shifts are required because of work overload. Another phenomenon defined for excessive usage of computers is Technostress and it is caused due to the inability to deal with IT technologies in a healthy manner. Stress doesn’t have to be related to work only, it can be personal, such as related to marital problems, death of a dear one, chronic illness and sometimes it can be due to emotional problems. Stress must not be ignored as it can lead to serious health issues such as heart diseases, depression, asthma, and obesity.

During a stress leave, it is advisable to not check work-related emails and messages and the whole focus should be on combating stress and staying mentally and physically healthy.

Things to Consider

While writing the letter, the following things must be kept in mind:

  • Provide a period of your absence, the duration and when would you be leaving.
  • The employee must be aware of the company HR policies, regarding the leaves Summary Plan Description.
  • Provide a brief explanation of the reason for being absent from the office.
  • A strategy must be provided about how the job or work responsibilities are going to be met during your absence.
  • In case an employee is going to be absent for a longer period, for weeks or months, necessary documentation should be provided to support the request, e.g. Medical assessment report, in case of health-related issues.
  • A reassurance of being accessible in case of a work emergency.

Writing the Letter

The letter does not have to carry all the details about what the employee is dealing with but it should give a clear idea about the employee being under stress. It should state the time required for the employee to be absent from the workplace. The employee should provide the contact details so colleagues can connect when required.


  • Subject: What the letter is all about.
  • Contact Information: Name, Title, Address, contact number, email.
  • Date.
  • Recipient Information: Name, Title, Company, Address.
  • Ask for permission, according to the policy of the company.
  • Offer some compensation. Let the company know you are willing to make up for your absence.
  • Avoid writing detail of being absent instead keep it concise and to the point.
  • Complimentary closing: Regards, Sincerely, Respectfully.
  • Signature.

Sample Excuse Letter for Absence due to Stress

Mathews Johns
[email protected]

20th September, 20XX

Subject: Request to take Stress Leave

Dear Mr.  James,

I would like to request a 15-day leave of absence from work. My stress levels are too high and my Doctor has suggested I must take some time off work.

I would like to leave work from 25th September 20XX to 3rd October 20XX.

Meanwhile, if it’s very urgent, I will be reachable by email.

I have attached my Doctor’s recommendation note along with the letter.


Mathews Johns

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Excuse Letter for Being Absent from Work due to Stress

Elena Godwit
45 SY-90126 SK Apartments
Vancouver, Canada 

17th April 20XX

The Directors
Raiyah Pvt. Ltd.
Tokyo tower, Main Square
Vancouver, Canada 

Re. An Excuse for Being Absent due to Stress

Reverend Sir,

It is to inform you that I am Lead Model at your company under contract from September 20XX to June 20XX. I have been very punctual and dedicated when it comes to my shoots. For now, I need a one-week break from work as I am going through chronic stress. This stress involves low energy, mood swings, headache, upset stomach, and insomnia. Going through these different problems, it has become very difficult for me to appear for all the shoots

Moreover, a model cannot perform well under acute chronic stress. The stress affects his/her looks and their way of working. Insomnia hits me extravagantly and causes other issues to arise like an unhealthy stomach, chest burns, and headache. I am visiting a psychiatrist regularly and she has suggested I take a break from the work and pay attention to my psychospiritual health.

Sir, I do not want my stress to affect the working quality and I feel it necessary to take one week off from modeling and shooting. During this time, I shall have enough time to heal myself and relieve stress while going through different therapies and counseling sessions.

I know that absence of a model to showcase the products may affect a bunch while new campaigns are being launched but I present myself for extra hours of working later on my return. I assure you that it will not take more than seven days. Furthermore, I shall not mind if you agree to trim my off days’ salary according to the policies of the company.

I hope you understand the need for a break for me. I shall be highly grateful and very glad if you concede to my request.



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