Nurse Resignation Letter for Another Job Offer

When it comes to writing the resignation letter, nursing professionals are often found at a loss for words. They don’t know how to jot down the resignation letter that can help them leave their current job and move on. Most of the time, nurses don’t know what format of the letter they should follow and what should be the structure of the letter.

A nurse is required to be very careful while writing the letter of resignation because, in this letter, he/she can make a long-lasting impression on the reader. If a nurse is unable to leave a positive legacy behind, she will not be able to get future references or recommendations from her former employer. Therefore, it is eminently important to write a resignation letter with a good choice of words.

What should be included in the resignation letter written by a nurse?

The purpose of the resignation letter is to let the employer know about your decision to leave. It becomes really hard when you have a better job offer and you want your employer to know about it. Sometimes, the employer does not like the fact that you are leaving for a better job offer. He tries to stop you with an offer such as an increment in salary or any other kind of benefit.

When you write a resignation letter, try to refrain from giving disparaging comments or saying something hateful. You just need to focus on the positive aspects of the company you are leaving.

Try to provide a considerable amount of time to your employer in which the employer can conveniently find your replacement. You should be thankful to your employer as well as your co-workers because you have spent quality time with them, and their cooperation made it possible for you to work smoothly.

How to write the nurse resignation letter for another job offer?

When you have decided to leave and now you are writing a resignation letter, follow the instructions given below:

1. Announce your resignation:

While writing this letter, you should remain straightforward and announce your resignation as soon as you start the body of the letter. Announcing the resignation does not mean that you only tell the employer that you are leaving. Rather, you are required to tell that what will be the last date of you in the hospital as a nurse.

2. Tell the reason:

It is not mandatory to give a reason for why you are leaving. However, if you have a better job offer and you want to be truthful with your employer, you can mention the reason.

Sometimes, the nurse wants to tell the employer about a better job offer because she wants the employer to reconsider and ask her not to go with a better offer.

3. Appreciate the employer:

No matter how unhappy you are with your job, you should always be happy and thankful to your employer while you leave. Even if a job is not good, it gives you plenty of experience that is priceless. Therefore, you should be thankful to your boss as well as other nurses that work in your fraternity.

4. Offer your help:

If you feel that your resignation will create problems for the hospital, you should offer your help in finding a replacement in the hospital.

Sample letter:



Address of the receiver:


Respected sir,

I am writing this letter to inform you about my decision to resign from the job of head nurse in a family hospital. My last day of work in this hospital will be 21st March 20XX.

It has been very rewarding for me to work in a family hospital as a head nurse. However, I have received another job offer that I think is better than my current job. My working hours will be reduced and they are also willing to pay me more than this job.

I wish the best of luck to everyone in the family hospital. I am ready to provide my services to help you in the transition process. Please let me know if you have anything to discuss with me regarding my resignation letter.

Respectfully yours,

Signatures of the nurse


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