Not to Continue Working because of Delayed Salary

We all work for money and this is the biggest motivation why we work so hard. However, things become really difficult when they don’t get paid despite working hard.

When we start a job, we sign an employment contract with the company. According to this contract, the company is required to pay us by the specific deadline if we continue to work in that company according to the agreed-upon terms and conditions. However, sometimes, the company has to fight with different crises, and during this all; it cannot pay its employees. The employee can easily think of resigning from the job when he does not get his salary on time.

How to write the resignation letter because of a delay in salary?

When you write this letter to your boss, you can think of considering the following details:

1. Mention how much the salary is delay:

Your boss already knows that you can reiterate it in the letter just to emphasize how long you have not been paid on time. This will make your boss know that you are bothered by this problem and immediate resolution is required.

2. Mention your difficulties:

Not getting a salary in time causes so many financial problems for a person. However, the employee should mention in the letter that he is going through lots of troubles because he is not being paid in time. When the employer receives the resignation, he will come to realize that the resignation makes sense if he has read about the difficulties. 

3. Announce your decision of resignation:

Since you have decided to resign from your job which is not giving you anything, you should announce the resignation immediately. You have already explained everything well and now you don’t need to give any justification for your decision to leave. You deserve to be at a better place or somewhere you can get your due salary.

4. Ask the employer to clear the salary:

If a company does not pay on time, likely, it is yet to pay you the pending salary. So, after announcing your resignation, request the employee to give you the pending salary before you leave. Ask the employee to contact you in case he has anything else to ask. At the end of the letter, thank the employee for allowing you to work in his company since the experience of even a single day matters a lot.

Below is a sample letter for giving you proper assistance and guidance.

Sample letter:


Name of the employer:
Job position name:

Name of the department
Name of the company

Subject: Discontinue working because of delayed salary

Respected Sir,

I have written you a number of letters previously telling you about the delayed salary and the inconvenience that it is causing for me. It has been five months since I joined the company and since then, I have never paid on time. I am tired of delayed payment. It has become very hard for me to make ends meet especially when I don’t get paid on time. I have told you about this many times but you don’t seem to care about it.

Every one of us works for money and we all depend on it to some extent. People have to pay utility bills at the start of every month. I am also required to pay my bills and I am completely dependent on the salary I receive from this job as I don’t have any other source of income.

Not getting a salary on time has brought so many financial crises for me. Therefore, I have decided to resign from my job. I would like to request you to clear my pending salary as soon as possible so that I can leave on good terms. As per my employment contract, I am not required to give any notice during my probation period. However, I am ready to assist you in the transition.

In case you have any query regarding this letter, you can reach me via my cell number or email address.


Signatures of the employee,


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