Mail to Contractor for Poor Workmanship

People hire contractors because they need an individual who can work on their behalf. In order to make someone work for someone, the contract is signed. This contract usually has several terms and conditions based on which, a contract is required to work. In case the contractor doesn’t follow those terms and conditions, it is considered a breach of the contract. When you feel that the contractor has employed poor workmanship and ruined the quality of the work, you can write an email or letter to the contractor letting him know about it.

What is mail to contractors for poor workmanship?

Poor workmanship means not employing skilled or experienced people for completing a particular project. Poor workmanship destroys the reputation of the company and also doesn’t ensure that the project will be up to the mark in the end.

When you find out that the contractor is saving money with poor workmanship, you can write him an email. This email will let the contractor know that you have seen poor workmanship and that you are not happy with it.

A contractor generally has a team of workers that work in coordination to achieve a common goal. Sometimes, these workers don’t work well or they lack the required skills needed to perform a specific kind of work. However, when they are bound to work, they create a complete mess. In this situation, you have a complete right to ask the contractor about the workforce with less or no skills.

How to write a mail to contractors for poor workmanship?

If you need to write an email to your contractor, you should try to remain polite and calm even though you are angry. Below is the step-by-step guide to help you virtually write this email.

Mention the purpose of the email:

What makes one email different from another is the purpose behind that email. So, you should keep the purpose in your mind before writing this letter. The purpose should also be mentioned in the letter. This will make it clear why you have contacted the contractor. If you are writing this email to the complaint, mention it at the start of the email.

Express your anger:

If you are angry with the contractor, you can choose appropriate words and tone to express the anger. You can tell him that you are disappointed with his work. You can say many things by staying within your limits.

Mention the flaws:

If the work has ended and you have found a number of flaws in the project the contractor has delivered, you can mention all those flaws one by one. You can make a list of flaws that show that the contractor has hired poor workmanship.

Tell what you want:

You might want to get a refund through this email if the contract has ended and the contractor has gone after completing the project. However, not everyone wants a refund. Some people also want to get things corrected which have been ruined by poorly skilled workers.

Sample Email:

Dear (mention contractor’s name),

I am writing this email to make a complaint about the use of poor working force from your side. I hired you for the renovation of my house because I got good reviews about you. I was expecting a lot from you but you have disappointed me a lot. I am highlighting where I have seen poor workmanship.

  1. The installation job in my kitchen has been done so poorly. This shows as if the people hired by you were not skilled enough to do the installation job effectively. It is very clear that you have hired people with limited skills and experience just to cut costs.
  2. I have also noticed that you are going very slow as compared to what was planned. This shows that people working on the project are not skilled and therefore, work slowly.

Through this email, I would like to ask for the rectification of the problem. Due to this problem, I have gone through lots of trouble. I hope that you will respect my opinion about the workmanship.



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