Nurse Resignation Letter for Better Opportunity

Leaving the current job as a nurse is terrifying especially when the reason for leaving is the better opportunity. However, if you can write a positive resignation letter, you can leave peacefully by keeping your relationship with your employer intact.

As a nurse, you might have never come across a situation when you felt the need to write the resignation especially after getting a better opportunity. So, we would like to tell you here that you can make the transition process easier if you are able to write the resignation letter with a positive choice of words.

What is a nurse resignation letter for a better opportunity?

If you are working as a nurse in a hospital and you have found a better opportunity that allows you to grow in your career, you should write the resignation letter telling your employer that you have a better opportunity waiting for you.

If your employer has a progressive approach towards life, he will be so happy for you. However, this does not always happen. At times, the employer feels it to be against his prestige and self-respect that his employee has found a better opportunity. He will try to make an offer to you so that you don’t move on and try to settle down.

Importance of writing the resignation letter as a nurse for a better opportunity:

If you are working as a nurse in a hospital and you feel that your current job is unable to give you the kind of satisfaction and happiness that you have been looking for, you can seek a better opportunity. As and when you find a better opportunity, you can think of going for it. When you write this letter and let your boss know about your decision, you make your employer realize that he needs to do something extra for all the nurses working under him. This way, you will pave the way for other nurses working in the same hospital to grow in the same hospital.

Tips for writing the resignation letter for a better opportunity for nurse:

Below are some tips for you to help you write an effective resignation letter:

  1. You might not be happy with your current job and this is the reason when you found another opportunity, you decided to move on readily. Now when you have decided to quit working in your current company, you don’t need to tell how unhappy you were.
  2. A mature nurse with a progress approach always stays positive about his/her job. Therefore, you should remain positive in the letter and tell your employer that you are thankful to you.
  3. Just because you have found another opportunity that seems to be better does not mean that you start belittling your current job. You should try to be thankful for the current job opportunity. You should also show gratitude to your boss and your co-workers who made you learn so much.

Sample letter:



Address of the receiver:


Respected sir,

This letter is being written by me to announce my resignation from the post of junior nurse in ABC hospital. I am leaving because another better opportunity is waiting for me. My last day in this hospital will be 31st March 20XX. I am so pleased to inform you that I am being appointed to another hospital in a better position and with a good salary package.

I believe that it is my basic right to move for a better job opportunity. I have enjoyed working in ABC hospital as a junior nurse. I got so many opportunities to learn from you and my seniors. It is due to my experience in this hospital that I am now able to find a better job.

In the end, I would like to say thanks to you for providing me an opportunity to work in your hospital. When I came here, I did not know anything. But with time, I was able to learn a lot. I am ready to help you in the transition period. Please feel free to contact me in case you have to discuss anything with me.

Respectfully yours,

Signatures of the nurse


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