Notification Letter to Quit Job

What is the notification letter to quit a job?

Notification letter to quit a job is sent by the employee to his employer when he wants to quit the job and wants the employer to know about it. The notification is basically a type of information for the employer as he starts looking for a substitute after receiving this notification.

There can be many reasons for quitting the job. Whenever you decide to quit the job, it is your responsibility to notify your employer about it. Sending notification before quitting is a professional approach that makes the transition process for the company easier.

This letter should formally inform the employer about quitting the job. The notification letter includes the duration of notice.

It is the responsibility of the employee to make sure that the notice includes the duration that was mentioned in the employment contract if he wants to save himself from legal issues.

The letter should be kept formal and the tone should be firm yet polite. Keep the letter brief and to clear. There should not be any ambiguity in the letter that can create confusion.

Is there any difference between a notification letter to quit job and resignation letter?

In general, the notification and resignation letters are considered the same as the purpose of both documents is to inform the employer about your decision of quitting the job. The resignation letters also include a notice of a few weeks before leaving.

However, not all the resignation letters give notice. In some situations, the employee has to leave without giving any notice. The resignation letter is written there instead of the notification letter.

Furthermore, the resignation letter also includes the reason for quitting. However, it is not compulsory for the employee to give a reason.

The notification letters usually don’t include any reason. The notification letters become a legal document and they can be used in resolving legal issues.

Situations to write notification letter to quit a job

The employee can send the notification letter to quit the job when he finds another job with better opportunities. The employee can also send this notification when he gets involved in a dispute with the employer of the organization and he thinks that he cannot put up with the policies of the company. Poor health and shifting to other city or country are also some of the reasons for quitting the job.

Here is a sample notification letter to quit the job that will help you draft a letter for yourself.

Sample letter





This notification letter is being written to inform you of my decision to quit the job. I am resigning from the position of [POSITION] in the company [NAME]. I am giving you the notice of 2 weeks from today dated [current date].

I am highly thankful for all the opportunities that you have provided me during my employment period. I would love you to provide you with the assistance in the process of transition.

Thank you


Notification letter to quit a job

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