Advance Salary Request Letters

Employees working in organizations for years may be eligible for additional facilities such as advance salaries. An advance salary request can be written if you have run into unexpected expenses such as a medical emergency, a sudden financial crisis, or any other need. Advance salary request is up to the organization to approve.

An advance salary is considered a loan to the employee. This loan may be paid back in installments so that the employee does not further fall into crisis.

An advance salary request does not mean that if you request your salary for the month of November in October, then you will not receive the salary for November. Rather most organizations allow the employee to repay the loan within a specified period. This can either be done through voluntary repayment or a monthly deduction from the pay cheque.

Advance salary request is uncommon. This kind of facility is mostly available in public service where the job is more or less permanent; or if an employee has been working with a company for a long period of time and has a fair record.

To make a formal request for advance salary, employees must write an application, explaining in detail the circumstances that are causing them to make such a request. The reason must be an emergency and a critical one. An employee simply mustn’t ask for an advance salary loan just because he/she wants to go on a vacation with friends.

The pre-requisites for an advance salary usually are:

  • A long-term employee record that shows loyalty to an organization.
  • A clean police and employee record, no criminal records of financial fraud, etc.
  • A permanent position.
  • Good reputation for honesty and integrity.

A sample letter

Subject: Request for two month’s advance salary

Dear Mr. John,

I am writing this letter to request a favor from the company. I have been working at [Company name] for the past 12 years. My employee records show that I have been a sincere, punctual, and hardworking employee.

Recently, my father suffered a huge loss in business and although his stock was partially insured, we still had to bear a significant burden of debt. As a result, we have been in a financial crisis. We have tried to borrow some amount from the bank, but the loan approval process shall take time and we need some money right away.

Therefore, I am requesting an advance salary of 2 months. Given my reputation for integrity and truthfulness, you must have noticed I do not usually ask for favors or make requests. This, however, is a critical matter for me and my family.

Hence, I am writing with strong faith that the company shall continue to trust me and agrees to loan me two months’ salary in advance.

I shall repay the amount in installments and agree to a monthly deduction from my paycheque until the loan is paid.

Look forward to your cooperation.


Liz Parker

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Advance salary request letter

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