Excuse Letter for being Absent from Work

Leave of absence from the job is inevitable. A person may have different personal issues that make him stay away from the work for an extended period. Getting leave from the job is right of every employee.

However, he is responsible for discussing the leave with reasons with the supervisor so that the supervisor gets enough time to arrange a substitute for a few days. In order to get the approval of leave for being absent, you are required to write an excuse letter for being absent from work. If your excuse makes sense, you will definitely get the leave approval.

In different situations, an employer can grant you leave for some personal reasons. However, it should be kept in mind that the company is not responsible to pay you in that off time. Whether you will get paid leave or not depends on the company’s policies.

Your employer also needs the guarantee that you will return to work after the leave is ended. Apart from a guarantee, a solid excuse is also required by the employer. You should be able to provide all the details in the form of an excuse letter.

Some of the personal reasons for which you might need the leave are delivery of a child, illness of mother or any close relative, honoring a military commitment and a lot more.

While writing this excuse letter, you should make sure that the excuses you are going to write in the letter are personal. You may not be able to get the leave if the reasons for getting the leave are not personal.

The employers feel very happy while approving your leave if you are honest with him. However, you are required to give plenty of notices before you go on leave.

Sometimes, you ask for the leave unexpectedly. In such a situation, your employer may ask you to give the notice ahead of time so that he can make proper arrangements about the substitution. Make sure that you write the letter effectively in a professional tone compelling the employer to give you the leave approval.

Sample letter

Dear Ms. Samantha,

Please excuse my absence from work on 5th July 2018.

I had no intention to miss the work but due to a personal reason, I had to stay back at home. I could have informed you before, but it was a very stressful situation that I did not remember to inform you.

I highly apologize for my absence as well as not informing on time. I hope you understand my situation and excuse my absence for that day.

I will complete the pending work in the next two days and cater today to all the clients’ queries for 5th July 2018.

I am really sorry again and I hope you accept my apology.


John Smith


Excuse Letter for being Absent from Work due to Personal Reason

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