Miscellaneous Letters to Contractor

A contractor is sent a notice when the client has something important to tell. There are many reasons for sending the notice to the contractor. The main purpose is to capture the attention of the contractor and divert it to a particular matter.

There is always a contract between a contractor and his clients. The contract binds both parties in a legal agreement according to which, all the parties involved in the agreement have some specific responsibilities to fulfill.

The contract also specified the deadline by which the contractor is required to complete the assigned work. If the contractor does not complete the assigned task before the deadline, he is sent a notice. There are many other scenarios in which the client sends a notice to contractor.

What is notice to contractor?

A notice to a contractor is a formal document which is sent to the contractor with the intention to notify him about something important. Sometimes, the notice to a contractor is sent in order to remind him of a particular responsibility he has to fulfill.

This notice has a significance value in professional life. It is important for you to write this notice effectively so that the contractor can easily understand the purpose of writing this notice. The details to be provided should be described in the notice well.

Sample notices

Here are some sample notices to be sent to a contractor

Notice/letter to a contractor for unfinished work

There was a contract between us that was signed on the 20th of August. According to contract, you were required to complete the work by the 20th of September. The company was expecting you to meet the deadline. However, it turned out that you have not completed the work yet. The late completion of work can make the company face a lot of loss.

We are, therefore, notifying you that your unfinished work is not acceptable by the company. I am hereby requesting you to complete the assigned work as early as possible.

I am looking forward to your response.

Notice to contractor for unfinished work

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Notice to a contractor to proceed before the contract

It is a formal notice being sent in order to inform you that all the documents provided have been executed. The date for completion of work is [DATE]. The date on which the contract will be commenced is [DATE]; A date to proceed before the contract will be given soon.

Prior to contract commencement, a meeting will be conducted for defining the responsibilities of each person in order to ensure the smooth completion of work. Your special presence will be expected in the meeting to be conducted on [DATE].

Notice to contractor to proceed before the contract

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Notice to proceed without a signed contract

This is the notice to inform you to start the work on the contract which is yet to be signed. The terms and conditions of the agreement have already been agreed upon. The contract will be based on those terms and condition. The contract will be signed on [DATE]. We are looking forward to you to start working on the project.

Notice to proceed without a signed contract

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