Staff Expense Request Forms

What is an expense request form?

An expense request form is a particular type of form that allows the user to submit his request for expenses. The purpose of using this form is to get the permission or approval of stakeholders in the company who are responsible for managing the expenses of the staff.

It is the responsibility of the employee to ensure that the request of the expenses is made through expense request form. The request submitted through this form has more value as the proper request submission process has been carried.

There are multiple request forms that are submitted each day by employees. It can be hard for an organization to manage all the requests and approve or disapprove them. The use of request form makes it easier for the organization to handle multiple requests at a time.

What is the staff expense request form?

The staff expense request form is used by the staff of any organization. In this form, various expenses of the staff are recorded such as transportation expenses, medical expenses, conference fee and a lot more.

When all the expenses are recorded in the form, the company gets the information regarding the total expenses it has incurred.

The expenses which any staff member is going to bear are also recorded on the request form. The request form is a very effective tool in managing and distributing the requests of the staff member.

Situations and circumstances when the form is needed

When an employee has to go on a business trip, he can use the request form for expenses. The employee can also submit the request form in order to get all the expenses reimbursed.

Many organizations give various facilities to their staff such as free medical treatment or transportation.

In such a situation, the employees can submit the expense request form when he wants to get the medical treatment or other allowances on the expenses of the company where he is working.

The templates

Staff expense request form template



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Staff expense request form template


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What is an expense request letter?

It is a formal written letter which is sent by the employee to his employer in order to request for the expenses. This letter should provide all the details related to expenses. Keep the tone of the letter professional and genuine.

A company may need receipts of the expenses incurred in case the employee wants the incurred expenses to be reimbursed.

A sample of expense request letter






Respected Sir,

I am very pleased to inform you that our proposal has been approved by the client and now I will have to go on a long trip for conducting multiple meetings with the client. I am hereby writing this letter to request you to approve all the expenses during my business trip. On my return, I will provide you with all the receipts related to business expenses. The expenses to be approved are totally in accordance with the budget and affordability of the company. I will look forward to your reply.

Sample letter

Expense request letter


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