Maternity Leave Expenses Disbursement Letter

In many companies, female employees are given many benefits including maternity leave. The duration of the maternity leave completely depends on the policy of the company and the health information of the female employee. Usually, the maternity leave lasts for 9 weeks or more. In this leave duration, the employee is asked to stay at home and take a rest while she is paid every month the regular salary. The maternity expenses of the mother are also incurred by the company in some cases. The mother is asked to inform the company about the expenses and then all these expenses are paid off

It is not easy for an employee to ask for compensation for the expenses. However, if an appropriate tone and selection of words are done, things can be very different. The letter written with a professional format and respectful tone puts a good impression on the mind of the reader and he is more likely to accept the request

What is a maternity leave expenses disbursement letter?

This is a kind of request letter that a woman writes to the company where she works. In this letter, the woman requests her employer to disburse all the expenses that she incurred during maternity leave that she is entitled to. A woman can write this letter when she learns that she is eligible for maternity leave and disbursement of all its expenses.

What are the benefits of writing the letter for expenses disbursement?

This letter is very useful for all those mothers who want to get compensation for the expenses they have incurred during their maternity leave. Writing the disbursement allows all the mothers to reap many benefits. Some of them are:

  1. When females come to know that their company is going to disburse the expenses, they can easily bear a child.
  2. The company can retain its loyal employees by paying during their maternity leave
  3. A woman goes through lots of hardships during her pregnancy. She deserves to be compensated. By the disbursement, the woman can easily complete her pregnancy period

What are the points to remember while asking for disbursement?

Check your eligibility:

Not every female employee is given the benefit of maternity leave and disbursement of expenses. Companies have different policies regarding this. Usually, organizations give paid maternity leave to those female employees who have been working for the same company for more than 50 plus weeks. 

Know the procedure to apply for disbursement:

There is a proper procedure to be followed to apply for disbursement. A woman should be aware of that procedure. If writing a request letter for disbursement is a compulsion, she should go with it.

Know the policy of the company:

As far as disbursement is concerned, every company has a different policy. Some companies disburse only 50% of the total expenses. You should know the policy of the company you work in so that you can apply for the disbursement in the right way.

Remind the company of its policy in the letter:

To exercise your rights, you need to know them in the first place. Then you should make others know that you know your rights and you can fight for them. While asking for disbursement, you should refer to that policy of the company according to which you deserve to get the benefit of paid maternity leave. In the same section, request the compensation persuasively.

Provide information regarding expenses:

Since you are applying for the disbursement of the expenses, you should be in a better position to give information regarding all your expenses. For this purpose, make sure that you have already calculated your expenses. Let the employee know that you are ready to share the receipts of all the expenses with the company. 

Thank the employer:

At the end of the letter, thank the employer for helping you and supporting you during this time. Provide your contact delay where he can contact you for getting further information. Also, provide your account information where the disbursed amount will be shared by the company. 

Sample letter:


Name of the manager
Name of the company,
Company’s address

Subject: maternity leave expenses disbursement

Dear (mention the manager’s name),

I am writing this letter to request you for disbursement of all the expenses I have gone through during my maternity leave. As per the policy of the company, every female employee deserves to have paid maternity leave for 4 months before the delivery. I was also given maternity leave. However, I bore all the expenses from my pocket.

I would like you to ask for compensation for all those expenses as I am going through a financial crisis. I am attaching the receipts of expenses to be disbursed.


Employee’s name.


Maternity Leave Expenses Disbursement Letter

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