Letter to Staff to Wear ID Badges at Work

Every office wants to know who is entering and leaving their premises. No one wants the unauthorized entry of individuals who can cause harm. This is where the help of ID cards comes in. They allow the security guards and other people to know who a person is.

What is a circular to employees on the use of ID cards?

A circular to employees on the use of ID cards is the notice sent to the staff that it is compulsory to use and wear the ID cards given to them. This is a serious circular that all employees need to follow.

This letter is needed so that all employees always know the importance of wearing and having their ID cards with them. It is proof that the employer or administration informed all staff that the use of ID cards is necessary.

Because this letter is one that employees need to take as seriously, it should be made in this way as well. Considering this, the below tips can be kept in mind:

  1. Method of communicating letter: The letter can be typed in Microsoft Word then printed out and hung on the notice boards for employees to read. It can be sent by email to all employees as well.
  2. Strong words: This is a circular that needs to be followed. Therefore, lenient words should not be used. It is important that all employees take it as serious and not a joke. Therefore, use professional and strong words. Make it sound important.
  3. Information required: Start by stating what the letter is for. This can be done by saying “Ref” and then the reason. The date must be given. Immediately get to the point and do not add information that is not required. State that all employees need to use their ID cards given by the office at the time that they are working. Say that any carelessness will be taken seriously and that all should comply.

The signature of the boss or employer should be added as this makes the circular valid.

Sample Letters


Subject: Letter to employees for wearing ID badges at workplace

Hello everyone,

This is Johnson, CEO of Johnson pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. I have been noticing many of the employees indulging in the bad practice of not wearing ID badges at the office premises. Perhaps you are not well aware of the importance of wearing an ID card at the workplace. It will not only help maintain good security within the office but also creates a bond between employees and management on account of following the rules. Being employees of a well-esteemed company, you must feel proud while showing your identity to community members who visit the office.

It is a mandatory practice as per company rules and those who do not abide by the rules will be dealt with strictly from now onward. In my upcoming meeting with you, I am going to make it a compulsory part of your job and you know what ‘compulsory’ means when it is said by a boss. Effective from X July, 20XX, no employee will be allowed to enter the office premises unless he/she wears the ID card. I have directed security guards in this regard.

Yours Sincerely,

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Sample -2

Hello everyone,

I have taken a serious notice of malpractice being carried out here in my company. Many of the employees have been reported not to wear the ID badges during working hours thereby breaching company rules and regulations set for the employees. In my last meeting with you, wearing your ID cards had been made an essential part of the job owing to the security conditions prevailing in the country. You know very well that ID cards are meant for identifying employees and hence prevent the entry of any outsider within the premises.

Therefore, keeping the situation in mind, take it positively rather than thinking it as a burden. This rule had been made for your own sake. You must understand that company has every right to make its employees follow the rules. From now onward, no employee should enter the office without an ID card. It must also be noted that strict disciplinary action will be taken against those who breach the rules along with written explanations. Such kind of behavior will not be tolerated anymore, and extensive explanations can lead towards the termination of your contract.

I hope you will do as directed.

Yours sincerely,

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