Letter to Father Seeking Permission to Join Karate Class

A letter to a father seeking permission to join the karate class is a letter written by a daughter or a son, and it is addressed to one’s father. In this letter, the kid asks for permission from the father for admittance into the karate class. The kid is expected to provide all the relevant details regarding the class so that it would be easy for the father to decide if he wants to give permission or not. In addition, the kid needs to convince his/her father, that the karate class will not impact his/her studies.

It is important to inform and seek permission from one’s father, as it is the right of the parent to know about his child’s activities. Furthermore, as the kid would need money for the class, he needs to ask for it from his father as well. Sometimes, even the academic institute, that the one is studying in, demands the consent of the parent, even if the class is within the school premises.

Joining a karate class or club is an extracurricular activity. Some parents fear that spending time in such activities may impact the studies of a child. If a child is living in a hostel or a boarding school, he might have to write a letter to his father seeking permission to join the karate class and explain and convince him about it. The concerns of the father may impact the details, that the child has to provide in the letter, affecting the length and content of the letter. However, generally, the following details are included in such letters:

  • Home address.
  • School/academic institute/hostel address.
  • The details of the karate class, including the charges, duration, commencement date, etc.
  • Reasons behind wanting to join the class.
  • Benefits of the karate class.
  • Convincing statements.
  • Assurance of no effect on the studies.
  • Seek permission, and request for the money.
  • Gratitude.

If the father believes that spending time in karate would negatively impact the performance of his child academically, he may not give the permission and the funds. The child, then, may have to drop the idea of joining the karate class. However, if the kid becomes successful in convincing his father through this letter, the father will allow him to join the karate class to become physically active as well as to learn a skill.

Sample Letter

Dear father,

I hope you all are fine at home. I am well as well, and a bit relaxed in this term, as the pressure of studies right now is less compared to the last term.

I am thinking to join the karate class, that is being offered in our school. I always wanted to learn karate, but the stress of studies never gave me enough time. I have consulted the karate instructor, and he said I can learn the basics in three months, and after that, only one hour per day would be enough for the practice. I can easily manage one hour, even with my studies. In addition, it would prove to be a good physical activity for me. The charges per month are $30, and the registration fee is $20. Also, I will need to buy the karate uniform, which will cost $15.

Kindly, permit me to join this class, and send me the funds to pay for it. I assure you that it will not affect my academics in any way. I want to start from 1st September 20XX.

Thank you.

Your daughter,


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