Letter to Father Requesting to take up a Job During Summer Holidays

A letter to a father saying you want to take up a job during the summer holidays is a letter, that is written by a child to his/her father. This letter serves the purpose of informing the parent about the job as well as seeking permission to opt for it. In addition, it is also used as a platform to convince one’s father about the associated benefits of the job. It is an informal letter, with a candid and frank tone, as it is addressed to a parent by the child.

If the child is living away from home, and the communication with a parent is mostly done through a letter, the letter to father saying one wants to take up a job during the summer holidays is written to let the father know about the job, and that the child will not be able to come home for the holidays. It is important to inform and seek permission from the father well in time so that no family plans of the holidays get disturbed, and no reservations or money get wasted.

This letter can be short or long, mainly depending on the requirements of the child’s parents. The details and benefits of the job also affect the information included in the letter. Generally, however, the following details are included in such letters:

  • Date.
  • Father’s address.
  • Child’s address.
  • The details of the job opportunity in the summer holidays, including the duration, place of stay, the salary, future job opportunities, etc.
  • Benefits of taking up the job.
  • Implications of the job, e.g., not being able to visit the family, etc.
  • Convincing statements.
  • Request for the permission to do the job.
  • Show love.

If the father responds back in the affirmative, the child can easily continue with his plans. However, if the father does not allow him to be away during the holidays, the child may need to write another convincing letter to his father or may even need his teacher/mentor to write one, to persuade his father.

Sample Letter

Dear Dad,

I hope you and mom are fine. I wanted to tell you that my final exams for the current semester are ending on 3rd June 20XX. However, I will not be able to come home for the summer holidays.

Our teachers have been emphasizing gaining practical knowledge through internships and jobs. As this is my second last semester, my thesis instructor referred me to ABC Limited, and suggested, that I work there for the three months of my holidays. My instructor has also talked to the principal, and he has allowed me to stay in the hostel during the summer holidays. The opportunity is good, and the company is paying me enough to cover my next semester’s fees. Also, if they like my work, they will offer me a position, that I can join after I graduate. I believe that this job would add to my credentials as well as would prove to be a great learning experience.

I hope you will allow me to join this job. I understand that you and mom have been waiting for my visit, and I miss you guys a lot as well, but I do not want to miss this opportunity, which may prove to be helpful in my career building. I know mom would be upset, please make her understand.

Love you both. Thank you.


Your son.

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