Letter of Discrepancy in Salary

The discrepancy in the salary means there is a difference between the calculated amount the employee should be receiving as a salary and the amount he has received. Any miscalculation on the part of the employee is not considered a discrepancy.

Why write a discrepancy in the payroll letter?

When an employee finds out that he has not received the salary amount that he has was supposed to be receiving, he writes a letter to his employer or anyone handling the finances of the company to let them know about it. This letter is written to point out the mistake of those people who have mistakenly caused the discrepancy to appear in the payroll. This usually happens when they don’t calculate the correct number of hours or days or do miscalculations while deducting tax and other charges.

Things to remember while writing a letter to communicate inconsistency in the payroll:

When you write to HR, keep the following points in mind:

Give facts and figures:

While you discuss the inconsistencies in the payroll, make sure that you have proper facts and figures collected and you are taking based on those facts and figures. For example, if your deductible amount is only 5% and you have an employment contract or any other kind of concrete proof that proves it, you must write the letter.

Be confident:

If you think that you worked on your payroll and you know that there are discrepancies that must be talked over, you should discuss them with confidence. For instance, you don’t need to use terms like ‘’I think’’ or ‘’I guess’’ because using these terms shows that you are not sure of yourself.

Write with a polite tone:

In this letter, you should not blame anyone for the variation. We all are entitled to mistakes, and we should understand this.

When to write?

  1. When you realize that the company has made deductions of the loan from your salary that you have already paid off
  2. When deductions are made from provident fund
  3. When there is an uninformed change in tax and insurance rate
  4. When a tax deduction is carried out from your salary
  5. When the company does not calculate your number of working hours correctly

There are many other situations in which we can write this letter, but we have discussed only a few of them. We can see that we can write this letter whenever we find that the deduction from our payroll has been made without giving us prior notice or information.

How to write the letter to communicate inconsistencies in payroll?

 It is important to write a letter in which you can be able to write professionally. A step-by-step guide is given below:

Write the subject:

The discrepancy is a broad term that can mean so much. When the HR department receives the letter with the subject of a discrepancy, lots of ifs and buts arise in the mind of the recipient. So, it is better to stay specific and to the point. Write the subject with the name of a specific discrepancy that you have seen in your payroll. For instance, if you have found the error of wrong calculation, write the subject with the same statement instead of generalizing it with inconsistency.

Give your introduction and salary description:

As soon as you start the letter, let the reader know about your position in the company, the department in which you work, and the duration of your employment. After that, give details about your salary. Mention the net salary that you receive every month. Also, inform if you are working as a daily wage worker or a permanent employee.

Discuss the variance in the salary:

Now, inform the reader about the problem that you have with the payroll. This area is the most important one and there, you are required to be truthful and whatever you write should be based on facts and figures.

Tell what you want to be done:

At the end of the letter, make the reader know that what you are expecting from the company to do to remove this inconsistency.

Sample -1



(Recipient’s Name)
(Company Name)

Subject: Discrepancy in salary for [X]

Dear (name of concerned person),

I am writing this letter to inquire about the amount of salary I received for the month of (state month). My salary every month is (state amount). This month I received (state amount). I have not been informed about this differential amount of (tell differential amount).

I cannot understand why this deduction has occurred. Can you kindly give me a salary breakdown for the month of (month)? If an error has occurred, can you please adjust it to my next salary?

I hope to hear from you.


(Your Name)

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Sample -2

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