Letter to Boss to Clear Misunderstanding

Whether we are in our professional life or personal life, sometimes what we say or do is misconstrued. In professional life, misunderstanding between people causes so much damage. When there is a misunderstanding, the life at workplace gets impacted to a great extent. Therefore, we should always try to clear misunderstandings at the workplace through communication.

What is a letter to the boss to clear misunderstanding?

In a professional world, we often write a letter to our employer to overcome misunderstandings. This letter can be written in any form however, the purpose remains the same.

Why it is important to write to overcome misinterpretation?

Misinterpretation at the workplace can lead to so many problems. A person who wants to continue working in the company smoothly without any trouble is required to make sure that he is in the good books of the employer. For this purpose, he must ensure that his boss does not have a misconstruction in his mind about his employee. The letter can be written in the form of an apology letter or an explanation letter. Sometimes, the boss asks the employee to write an explanation letter. In that situation, the employee gets the opportunity to explain his point of view.

What should we write in the letter for clearing misconstruction?

It is bothersome for us when we realize that our boss is under the impression of something that is not true. So, we immediately decide to write a letter. In this letter, we have to include the information carefully so that we don’t write a long explanation letter with unnecessary jargon that our boss might discard without giving any consideration. Below are some details that must be included:

 A statement of regret:

This letter should be started by the employee with expressing deep regret on things that caused misunderstanding between him and his boss. The background of that misunderstanding should be explained. For instance, let the boss know that which incident of misinterpretation you are referring to and then let him know that you were never intended to cause any kind of distress.

Explain that all that was a mere misapprehension:

After you have expressed the regret, you should start explaining that whatever the boss has construed out of that situation was a misunderstanding and facts are different. If your words caused any kind of misunderstanding, there you will explain the actual meaning of those words. Let the boss know that he did not understand the real impact of your words and it resulted in an unpleasant event.

Own the misconstruction:

No matter what kind of misinterpretation it was, there is someone responsible for making that happen. So, if it was you whose words confused, you should own it. Be clear and state it emphatically that you alone are responsible for that misunderstanding. This is professional and courteous behavior that every employer loves to see in his employee. In addition, this behavior leads to making the environment of the workplace peaceful and pleasant.

Close the letter appropriately:

This letter needs to be closed appropriately because sometimes, the reader only reads the start and end of the letter. While closing the letter, you can ask the reader if he needs more facts and logic to clear the misunderstanding. Provide your contact number where you can be approached if this is the case.

Things to remember:

If you want to write a perfect letter, keep the following details in your mind:

Explain briefly:

 Although you are writing this letter to clear misunderstanding, it does not mean you are supposed to be writing a long letter full of unnecessary jargon. When we write a long letter, our letter loses its true meaning, and the reader also forgets what you are trying to convey.

Don’t blame anyone:

It is not recommended to attribute the misunderstanding to someone else. Rather, own it and make the reader know that it belongs to you.

Apologize if necessary:

Misinterpretation of things always causes inconvenience to people. Sometimes it hurts the sentiments of people. Therefore, you can apologise if you feel that it is necessary to save the relationship.

Sample Letter -1

Receiver’s Name,
Contact Number


Dear (Mr. Mrs. Ms. Last Name),

I would like to bring to your notice the misunderstanding that has occurred between us yesterday during the meeting. I did not intentionally want to cause you any distress. I know that this misunderstanding has caused some tension.

I know that my words have left you in confusion. I was not understanding what you were trying to explain at the time. It was my fault that I did not ask for any clarification. I take all responsibility and have learned my lesson. I will try and prevent this from occurring again.

I hope you will accept my apology.


Your Name

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Sample Letter -2

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