Letter Requesting Confirmation Receipt of a Document

Every day, many official documents are sent to other businesses, people or employers. The sender wants to ascertain that the document has been properly collected by the receiver. For this purpose, the sender writes a letter to the receiver and informs him about the document or parcel sent to him and request for a confirmation.

There are many benefits of writing this letter to request confirmation receipt of an official document. The official documents could be a resume, contract bid, application, etc. The advantages, of a letter about the confirmation, include:

  • It notifies the receiver that a document has been sent to him so if he has missed it or the document has not been received yet, the receiver would know.
  • It serves as a confirmation of the receiving of the document as the sender is requesting for a confirmation receipt or letter.
  • It reinforces the senders’ document be it a resume, bid or an application and shows seriousness and interest of the sender.
  • It offers a chance to present and market your skills and services.

The general format of the letter is:

  • Date
  • Details of the sender.
  • Details of the receiver.
  • Inform about the document.
  • Request a confirmation receipt for the document.
  • Show why you should be chosen.

This letter is important to the sender as it lets him know whether the document has been received or not as well as to the receiver as he can look into the missing documents in case of non-receiving.

Sample 1

Request Confirmation Receipt of an Application

I had sent you the complete application enclosed in a white packet on Monday afternoon. I was sure that the packet will be delivered at your address on Tuesday but unfortunately, I did not get any news of the packet being delivered to you or not. I was getting worried about it. Please intimate me as soon as you get the packet delivered. I will be waiting for your answer. Thank you for your co-operation.

Letter Requesting Confirmation Receipt of a Document


Sample 2

Last week I had decided for the deliverance of the completed application at your office. I have still not received any confirmation regarding its deliverance. This has made me quite upset. I request you to please intimate me of its deliverance as I am worried. I will be highly obliged.

Sample 3

Request Confirmation Receipt of a Parcel

Two days back I had delivered at your office the packet of a completed application. I thought that I will soon get informed about its deliverance, but I am still waiting for the acknowledgment. Maybe the packet has been delivered to some other address, this idea is constantly hammering me. I request you to please give me a confirmation call whenever you get the packet.  It will be greatly appreciated.

Letter Requesting Confirmation Receipt of a Parcel