Letter of Disagreement with Sample

At some point in life, we all have to disagree with something. This is probably a decision that is made about something and we want to show our disagreement with it. 

Disagreement in real life is normal and common. However, in a business world, showing disagreement with something is an entirely different situation. First of all, you have to document your disagreement just like people document their agreements in business. Due to this, writing a letter of disagreement is important. Let us dig in and see what exactly a disagreement letter is.

What is a disagreement letter?

When you don’t agree with something such as any decision made at the workplace, in the court, or any professional setting, you can confidently write a letter of disagreement. When you write this letter, you show that whatever belief you are conveying through this letter is being considered to be wrong. 

When to write a letter of disagreement?

You are required to disagree when someone needs your opinion. If your disagreement does not matter somewhere, it is better for you to not write this letter. There are many situations in which it becomes necessary to write a letter of disagreement. Let us discuss a few of them in detail:

  1. When you have come to know that the company has made a decision without even communicating with you.
  2. When the person who wants to work with you in partnership comes up with his terms and conditions that you don’t find to be feasible for you.
  3. When someone asks for your opinion and you feel that it is important for you to show your disagreement before that person ruins everything with one wrong decision.

Writing the letter of disagreement:

In general, not agreeing with something is what is considered to be negative. Due to this, lots of disputes and clashes often surface after one party shows the disagreement. To deal with the situation, one can write the disagreement in such a tone that doesn’t convey disrespect or misbehavior and conveys the message of the recipient instead. 

Tips for writing a letter of dispute:

To write an effective and polite letter of disagreement, you can follow the following tips:

  • While you are disagreeing with something, make sure that you don’t do it negatively. For example, if you did not like an idea, don’t try to criticize it or the person who proposed it. Simple state why you approve of it or what makes you disagree with it.
  • Know the format of the letter and stick to it. You should know which detail to add and where to? The format of the letter is as follows:

    1) The first paragraph of the letter tells that you are disagreeing with something
    2) In the second paragraph of the letter, you specify the reason for the disagreement
    3) In the third paragraph, you tell the recipient that you also have some suggestions for him

If there anything additional that you want to add to this letter, you easily do that. However, make sure that the letter does not get too lengthy

  • Keep the letter unambiguous. There should not be any confusion or misunderstanding in the letter. If you think that there is something that can become the cause of a dispute, just clarify them and make everything understandable.
  • Avoid adding irrelevant details to the letter.

Sample letter:

Name of the recipient

Complete address

Dear ABC,

I have received your letter yesterday and enclosed document in which you have outlined all the terms and conditions of working with you. I have read and understood them well and have concluded these terms and conditions are not going to work in the long run.

Firstly, the agreement should not be signed for more than 1 year. Secondly, the amount that you are agreeing to pay per month needs to be increased. I also feel that the agreement you want me to sign does not comply with the standard rules and regulations. Please have a look at the agreement you have sent to me. I am writing you back with some suggestions regarding amendments that can be made.

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