Letter of Explanation for Address Variation

Sometimes, there is a kind of error or ambiguity in our documents that causes so many problems for other people. When this happens, they want to know that why it happened. In that situation, you must write an explanation letter telling the recipient about the situation.

What is a letter of explanation for address variation?

This letter is a brief explanation letter that is written when someone needs to explain anything pertaining to the error or variation in the financial or any kind of document. When a problem is found in a document, it often causes a pause in an underwriting. Due to this, a person is expected to explain the situation by writing a brief letter.

When to write this explanation letter?

There is no hard and fast rule as to when you should write this explanation letter. Whenever you find out that you have left a discrepancy in the financial document you submitted to the bank, you can write an explanation letter explaining the whole thing.

In general, institutes that find the error often contact the customer and asks him to write a letter of explanation. In this situation, this becomes a kind of compulsion for the customer to write the explanation letter.

Sometimes, what we call a discrepancy or error is not an error or problem but an intentional variation. This happens when a person has two addresses, and he is not sure as to which address, he should specify in the document. Even if the address variation is intentional, it is important to communicate it so that the reader can get rid of the confusion.

How to write the explanation letter to address the issue of address variation?

If you are in the need to write this letter and you don’t know how to write it, you can follow the tips given below:

  1. Provide your basic details to make it easy for the recipient to identify you.
  2. This is formal that does not need you to give any irrelevant information. You can directly state the letter from the main thing you wanted to communicate.
  3. Mention the reason for having the variation in the address. Make sure that you write the reason in such a way that it makes sense and the recipient understands the whole problem.
  4. Even if the variation was intentional and not a mistake, you should apologize for not having it communicated earlier.
  5. At the end of the letter, you can ask the recipient to change the address at a certain place if the variation was not intentional.
  6. Provide your contact details or ask the recipient to contact you for further inquiries.

Sample letter:

Name of the sender

Address of the sender


Subject: Letter of explanation for address variation

Dear Mr. XYZ,

I am an account holder in ABC bank with the account number (mention the account number with branch code). I have received a letter from the bank yesterday asking me to explain the address variation that has been pointed out in my statement. Therefore, I am writing the explanation letter in response to that letter.

This letter will explain the address variation that you have seen in my credit report:

  1. I have mentioned two different addresses on the document I submitted to the bank by mistake. Since I have moved to a new city, there are lots of documents where the change of address was required.
  2. I was intended to change the address at all the places wherever my old address was mentioned. However, there were some places where there was still a need to change it.
  3. I could not change the address at all the places and therefore, caused my details to look ambiguous.

I am really sorry to cause you this kind of inconvenience. I am hereby clearly mentioning here that my address in Boston was a real address that I want the bank to consider for any kind of correspondence in the future. I hope that you have understood the entire situation and find no problem in bringing modifications to the letter. In case you have anything to ask, you can contact me.



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