Letter for Disputing Billing Error

What is a letter for disputing billing errors?

This letter is a kind of formal letter that is written to make the recipient know about the errors that you have seen in the bill. If the errors are not corrected, the customer will have to pay extra money. So, when there is a need to protect the rights of the customer, he can dispute the bill with errors.

It is important to know that disputing the bill requires you to be on time. In general, the dispute letter can be written within the time period of 90 days after the error has been seen in the letter.

What is the purpose of writing the formal disputing letter with billing error?

The basic and perhaps the only objective behind writing this letter is to discuss the billing error seen on the bill or the credit report. You should always try to keep the intention of getting the billing amount corrected. The billing error is not always about the money that you have to pay. Sometimes, people see errors in other details such as the account number, name of the person to whom the bill has been issued, and whatnot.

Things to remember while writing this letter:

  1. Regardless of what kind of error you have seen in the bill, you can always get it corrected with the help of the dispute letter. Some people panic and get angry upon seeing the error. However, this is not the solution. You should write the letter of dispute and settle down everything in a peaceful way.
  2. While writing this letter, you should try to make sure that whatever information you are providing is based on facts so that when the billing company confirms it on its end, it finds you to be truthful. If you are not sure about something, you should confirm it first and then mention it in the letter.
  3. It should also be remembered that the letter was written to dispute the billing error also has a support of relevant documents. If this is not the case, it is likely to create a problem for you in the future.
  4. You might be angry due to the error; you should always make sure that you write in a gentle tone. There is no need to write in a sarcastic tone to hurt the other person.
  5. Provide the information that you think will be important for the recipient to understand the entire situation. For example, you should provide your account number and the amount of bill that you have already paid.
  6. This is a formal letter and it demands to be written concisely. If you feel that there is something that needs to be discussed in detail, you can visit the office of the company or the company will itself request you to make a visit and discuss the matter in detail.

Sample letter:


Name of the sender
Address of the sender
Account number of the sender

Name of the creditor
Creditor’s address

Subject: letter of dispute

Dear sir/madam,

This letter is being written to dispute a billing error of the amount of 100$. The amount is inaccurate because I have paid the bill for last month already. However, was the bill being late and I fear that your system did not update the record. The bill you have send on my account number [X] also includes the billing amount of the previous month that has already been paid with the penalty of extra charges upon bill payment after the due date.

I am hereby requesting you to correct the error in the bill. Also, please send me the bill after making the necessary corrections.

Enclosed are copies of the incorrect bill, the bill of last month that has been paid, the payment record, etc. I am confident that these enclosed documents will support my position effectively. I am expecting you to enquire into this matter so that the necessary corrections can be made without causing my inconvenience any further. If you need any further information, please feel free to contact me any time on my number.



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