Insurance Refund Request Letter

What is an insurance refund request letter?

This is a kind of request letter that people usually write to the insurance company when they don’t want to continue purchasing insurance from that company and therefore, want a refund. This letter is bad news for the insurance company and therefore, it needs to be written politely.

When to write the insurance refund request letter?

The refund is usually due to the unpleasant experience of the client with the company or sometimes, there can be any other reason. For example, if someone is migrating to a different company where that insurance company does not work, he can write a refund letter so that he can purchase the insurance in another country with the money that has been refunded.

 You cannot always write the refund request letter. You should first read about the company and know if it offers a refund. If it does, then you should read the terms and conditions under which it offers the refund. After that things can go in a particular direction and give you something fruitful.

Why writing the refund request letter is important?

If you want to inform the insurance company in an official way that you don’t want to continue paying the principle and that you need a refund, it becomes imperative to write this request letter. You can clearly state that the insurance company did not meet your expectations or you have some other problem due to which you need to get a refund.

Writing the formal request letter for the refund?

Writing the formal request letter is easy yet complicated. If you are not able to communicate that you have a genuine reason to ask for a refund, the insurance company might ignore your request. Therefore, your claim or request should be written appropriately.

In case you don’t know how to write the request, you can simply write a request letter with the help of the sample letter. Or you can directly use the sample letter, edit it to make it suitable for you, and then send it out.

It matters a lot how you ask for a refund. You need to be polite and use a formal tone to ask for a refund. Even if you are unhappy with the services of the company, you don’t need to show how incensed you are. Rather, keep your tone gentle and there is no need to exaggerate for the reason that has caused you to step back and make this request. You are having a relationship with the insurance company and you should not think of ending it on a bad note.

It should be remembered that not every request for a refund is successful. The successful requests are usually those which have been written appropriately. Therefore, you should know how can write it to get the required kind of results. After writing the company letter, you can someone to read this letter and let you know about the mistakes.

Below is a sample request letter that will help you know how to write a refund request letter to an insurance company.

Sample letter:


Name of the recipient:
Address of recipient:

Subject: Refund request letter

Dear [mention the name]

This letter serves as a formal request to ABC Insurance Company for a full refund for the insurance policy I purchased.

I have been a loyal and sincere client of your insurance company. I always paid the money on time. I am impressed by the coverage your company offers. However, I am sad to announce that I have made an immigration plan and therefore, leaving the country next month.

I have conducted research and came to know that our company does not offer any insurance-related services in Canada. So, I am left with no option but to ask for a refund so that I can buy the insurance in the country I am moving to.

I hope that you will have no problem refunding the money. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully.


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